Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Not Evil - Just Wrong"

Tonight a live broadcast over the internet of the documentary "Not Evil, Just Wrong" is being displayed.

The documentary can be found here.

The blog that is hosting the documentary has connectivity access for both facebook and twitter. There are live tweets being broadcast on the blog that are posted from the blog mainpage, and users of twitter of utilizing the #justwrong hashtag in references to the live broadcast, as well as the #globalwarming hastag, amongst others.

For those who have not been aware of this broadcast, it holds a huge deal of importance as it directly questions and contradicts the current political atmosphere that global warming is occurring as a result of man, that recent years have held the highest temperatures recorded, and as Al Gore stated - the debate on global warming is over.

Regardless of if the global warming phenomenon comes from skewed data, and errors in mathematics or from a more conspiratorial aspect that assumes that the global warming movement seeks to redistribute wealth, reduce states sovereignty, and create a new economic system - the impacts of the falsities in the global warming movement have severe, catastrophic, and live changing consequences for all those that it will affect - all those whom share this planet that some are so desperately attempting to save, without any consideration for the aspect of the environment which is fighting to save the rest - humanity. After all - humans are part of the environment as well - although often not given such credit.

Update -
For those interested in McIntyre's statistics and the data set regarding the hockey stick model can be found here -

Since I'm sure some people will not understand the graphs and the date presented in the hockey stick argument, I have posted a graph and will explain it as best as I can - here is the most important graph that disputes the global warming hockey stick concept -

There are two lines on the above graph - the red and the black.  The red line illustrates the data used to create the hockey stick model - a pillar of the global warming movement. The red line shows that temperatures have been getting hotter, and the year 2000 has had the hottest temperature.

The black line shows the graph when ALL of the data from tree rings has been used, instead of select tree rings that were preselected by a computer program designed to create hockey stick graphs. There are clear differences between the red & black line in the beginning years, however, the true major discrepancy comes near the end when the red preselected data shows a high spike, whereas the real data shows there has been no significant climate change.

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