Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking News: Several explosive packages headed towards U.S. intercepted

Edit - Sun October 30th, 2010.
There have been several developments and new sources of information that have come out over the past day - however, multitasking as best as I can I cannot possibly keep up with changing news. 

The blog posting will remain as was when last edited, however, for the time being please look to other news outlets for the latest developments.

Breaking News*:

Update 5:30 PM EST: There has now been 5 packages confirmed, 2 containing explosives, 3 non-explosive. The packages were found in the U.S. (3), Dubai, and East Midland Airport U.K. The packages found in the US were shipped via U.P.S. There is some believe that this may have been a dry-run for a mail-bombing attack, however, that is currently speculation.


URGENT: Obama confirms a 'credible terrorist threat,' capping a tense daylong drama, in which federal authorities ground UPS planes at two airports and escort a passenger jet to N.Y. based on fears of a mail-bomb plot by Al Qaeda - ""

The United States military, and law enforcement agencies, along with allied forces have intercepted several packages containing explosives. These packages are believed to have originated from Yemen, and reports are their target was the same as the package addressee.

A live briefing is/was currently underway (4:45 PM EST) and can be viewed here:

During the early hours of this incident very little information was officially released, and now only very little is known. There are confirmed reports of two packages that got through Yemen, and were intercepted in Dubai, and East Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom. These packages were believed to be aimed at Jewish sites in the United Sites.

The large amount of uncertainty regarding these events have caused those who organized the attacks to achieve some level of success. A calm population in regards to terrorism is rapidly shifting towards fear and terror, one of the intended goals. Since there may be no way of knowing how many packages were sent, from where, or when, the allies against global terrorism are playing a real life game of mine-sweeper.

Although currently there has been no causalities, and pray that there are none, this series of attacks will certainly cause loses. Terrorists have been interested in airplanes and travel for a great deal of time. Passenger jets undergo increased scrutiny after 9-11, and failed personnel on airliner attacks such as the shoe-bomber, and underwear-bomber. The shift and increase in resources over increased screening for passengers and their cargo has unintentionally created a void in security for cargo jets.

Losses will come in the form of time, and money as a result of thia unfolding situation. Over the next few days cargo jets will undergo increased screening, with bring increased costs. Freight companies such as U.P.S. and FedEx will have to implement stricter policies, and there will likely be delays on goods, all of which cause financial causalities.

President Obama Addresses The Situation:

President Obama believes this to be a "credible terrorist threat"

*This blog post will be/is posted prematurely, as this is breaking news and constantly changing, the effort is to get the information out quickly, and correctly. This will be edited as new information comes in, however, be sure to stay tuned to other media in order to get the most accurate picture of the situation.

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