Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Timewave Zero: Fact or Fiction the World is Accelerating a Staggering Rate.

Timewave Zero: End Graph (Source)
The title referenced to the computer algorithm/program by Terrence McKenna, many readers will know of his work. He used this algorithm to chart out the "Ching", and ancient Chinese relic used by the highest of the Chinese elite.

Now ultimately the formula allows you to see the "novelty" at any specific point in time, up until December 21st, 2012. At that date the chart falls off completely in an instant. However, before the fall, there is a great rise.

Regardless of if one believes in the Mayan prophecies, ancient Chinese texts, and computer algorithms predicting insane things, one thing is for certain an element of "Timewave Zero" is upon us, the massive rise of novelty.

There is so much news, and information available, it's impossible to keep up with the research one is doing, let alone work, raise a family, or anything else. I believe that is part of a plan, but I believe it also is what Timewave Zero predicted.

The amount of events I could have written articles in the past months have been staggering, yet I have been unable to, because "time is speeding up". Things are accelerating, and it's taking more, and more to be able to keep up with it. Perhaps that is why there is so much Prozac, and fluoride around, so that the population is so docile and brainwashed that they cannot keep up with the rapid acceleration. Personally I've found it hard to keep up, and in turn post articles, trying to spread the information I think is important, and to connect with others, in whatever way possible, be it big, or small.

What is really sad is the names of the dead that get lost in the shuffle of politics, and smoke, and mirrors. We always remember the murders, but we never remember the victims. Since there is so much information, we have to filter some out, and it's sad that is part of the information we have filtered out as a society.

If one is to survive in today's world we must not only keep up with the rapid acceleration, but we must stay ahead of it, and predict the next major changes.

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