Thursday, December 27, 2012

Forced Gun Buyback or Civil War in U.S. - A.K.A. I'm Not Giving Up My Second Amendment Right

Below is a video by Alex Jones where he explains somewhat of what is going on, but makes a few very good points:

Source: Alex Jones of

First off it's obvious that the media is pushing anti-gun agenda as if they can't spew it out enough. The recent shootings are being blamed on the guns, and not the people committing the crimes, and what led them to do so.

If someone wanted to kill a lot of people they would still use many things, and it would be minutes before the cops showed up, assuming they did, and used their guns on the suspect. People still die, it makes them more dependent on the system, and the only people who have guns are the "police" class, which is the enforcer group of the elites, who also have not only guns but nuclear weapons. That's ironic when people attempt to ban guns based on how quickly someone can kill multiple people. Of course this never happened to a country (Japan)

The second major point, and Alex made this point as well, is that there is pressure to start a class/civil war. The reason I phrase it that way is because, although a true race war would probably like to be seen in additionn, but this is the class of gun owners, and those who come over from millitary and police. Then it's going to be a fight, and recently it's been stated that if a drone kills you it means you were meant to die, same logic to a civil war.

George Washington or Abraham Lincoln both served in the military  Obama has no military experience, nor do the majority of the elites who want this war to happen, while they hide somewhere.

Video sources: Alex Jones, and the montage channels director.

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