Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Telling Remarks Over Houla Massacre by Russian U.N. Representative

Alexander Pankin made very telling statements regarding the Houla, Syria massacre.

He stated:

"There was a force working in this village. It's difficult to imagine that the Syrian government would not only shell and mortar but also use point-blank execution against 40-plus women, 30-plus, children under age 10."

In one of the few videos of Mr. Pankins remarks that is currently available it also shows the remarks by a U.N. Rep pushing the story of shelling. Grasping at straws saying that U.N. observers saw a tank in the area, despite remarks by the Syrian government that there were no tanks in the Houla, Massacre.

The issue over tanks is due to the original quasi-official story that was being propagated by the media, and the United Nations, that the Syrian government shelled with tank, artillery, and mortars the village of Houla, Syria.

That story didn't hold for long, and media outlets were forced to report that the massacre was actually involving knifes, and small arms, rather than shelling. Reuters reported that U.N. representative Rupert Colville stated "at this point it looks like entire families were shot in their houses."

Colville's statements echo more statements made by Mr. Pankin to reporters. According to a CBS article Mr. Pankin told reporters that "there is substantial ground to believe that the majority of those who were killed were either slashed, cut by knives, or executed at point-blank distance."

These remarks are extremely telling. They add to the growing number of people who believe that there may be forces at work in Syria orchestrating events trying to instigate an intervention by foreign military powers. Among that group is also Damascus, who categorically deny any involvement in the massacre.

According to a foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi there was a battle with gunman, and Syrian security forces, but that did not involve the use of tanks, and that the security forces were essentially defending their base for a 3 hour gun fight. This incident is said to not have affected Houla.

Of course we have seen the tactics of using children as ploys before, and the horrible results it had. Only that was ultimately exposed as a lie, and Sadam Hussein did not throw babies out of incubators. One could argue the same perpetrators got smarter, and on this eve of war actually killed children. Quid pro quo?

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