Saturday, September 15, 2012

Symbolism At Walmart

While there are some who will choose to ignore this article because of the mention of symbolism, and the inherent occult influence that comes with such, what cannot be ignored is that there is a large movement within society to understand the world around us in non-conventional ways. The other is that if one chooses to suspend disbelieve momentarily they should be able to appreciate at least the irony, or coincidences that occur in regards to symbolism, and modern society.

The Vigilant Citizen is a great source to check out some examples of symbolism in our modern culture, especially within the music industry. The author does an excellent job of analyzing the occult, and satanic symbolism that is becoming increasingly visible, and pervasive.

Wal-Mart Emergency Food, Source: Xieon Politics
My fiancee recently took this photo while at a local Wal-Mart, and when showed it to me I was very impressed that she recognized, and captured what I saw. She explained she didn't notice what I had just mentioned, and that she had taken the picture because the large buckets said "Emergency Food" on them, and she thought of the apocalypse.

What I had noticed was that apparent triple sixes, or what is often referred to as "the mark of the beast". It is the symbol of Lucifer, the Devil, and the Illuminated One which some relate with the occult Illuminati. Although there are not three true sixes symbology often allows for the symbolism to be obscured, and often hidden in plain sight. This may be done as a way of telling "those in the know" some form of special, secretive information that only their ability to interpret allows them access to. It is also a way of communicating with the subconscious mind, which symbolism itself inherently tries to do. Some may argue that subconsciously the mind is set to react to three sixes, even in the form of 6633 (66 3+3 -> 666), which is what caused the photograph to be taken.

It should come as no shock to many that Wal-Mart houses the sign of the devil over "Emergency Preparedness". Wal-Mart has recently gotten attention for installing "Tele-Screens". This is a term that originates from Orwell's "1984" due to the parallels between the televisions in the book, and the telescreens being installed at Wal-Mart's that will broadcast the governments "See Something Say Something" campaign messages, i.e. propaganda.

Of course government related propaganda can be found all over Wal-Mart such as this picture of Wal-Mart pushing potentially harmful vaccines on their shoppers. This vaccine kiosk is located in the middle of the store, impossible to avoid.
Taken at same Wal-Mart as triple sixes, Source: Xieon Politics
Click to watch Vaccine Nation, and excellent Vaccine Documentary

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