Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Registered Bone Marrow Donor: Is Michele McPhee?

Of course I would not donate to a gay man, because they are all pedophiles according to Massachusetts radio host Michele McPhee.*

*Posted from phone

**Sources will be added when I'm at physical station not on the road working.
currently writing this in passenger seat of course." (Edit: 8/29/2012 20:19)

Ms. McPhee - You have not responded to any of my articles, so could you respond if you are an organ donor, or a bone marrow donor. I am both, and will post that image soon,

Below was written on my laptop, not smartphone:

Ironically while I was writing this article at work, and didn't have my laptop, Ms. McPhee removed the post from her Facebook page (yet more "scrubbing" - new phrase - by Ms. McPhee, and assuming her staff. I have caught Ms. McPhee scrubbing articles in the past, and here is a link to once such case.

Journalist Tips 101
When writing something try to use sources. There are direct, and secondary sources. For example I used a source that was the Boston Herald. Normally this would  be a secondary source, since they would quote someone, and I would quote their quote. In this instance Ms. McPhee worked for the Boston Herald at the time of the incident mentioned above. Therefor I have provided the source, as a clickable link, something that Ms. McPhee should do.

Edits(8/29/2012 10:14PM) : Some spelling mistakes were corrects.

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