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Could Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Ignite World War 3?

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how various world powers appear to be lining up for a possible world war 3, and how the missing Malaysian flight #370 could be used as the catalyst to ignite the tinderbox that is the world.

Regardless if the events unfold as proposed in this article or not there are two important truths that readers should remember. The first is to remember that the media, and world powers have lied, and mislead the public throughout the course of this investigation. The second is this author has done an extensive amount of research, and provided a large amount of links to further information of which is not discredited by a different outcome to the Malaysian airlines flight.

The stories being told to both the public as well as the countries involved in the search and rescue operation has constantly been changing. This has resulted in causing a great deal of confusion, and costing a great deal of time, money, and resources for all those involved. This has been nothing but smoke, and mirrors. Officials have changed their story from the plane crashing somewhere along the original flight path, to the Andaman Sea. Changed their story from the plane crashing to then flying for an extra 4 hours, then up to 7.5 hours. These alleged developments have trickled out slowly as the days went on. One should ask themselves what new discoveries were made that led to these developments. The fact of the matter is that we are living in a post 9/11 world, and there is no way that a plane could fly for 7.5 hours and officials would not know that information for days later. There is no way that they could believe a plane crashed into the South China Sea only to days later, after everyone had been searching that area, say that the plane actually reversed course and flew to a completely different area based on engine pings.

If I were the families of one of those on board flight #370, or someone involved in the search and rescue operations I would be furious. Officials clearly knew this information all along, and have mislead people into focusing their attention onto different stories, and searching different areas. Only someone with something to hide, or who is lying, would have the need to mislead all of the efforts regarding finding this plane. For example look at this CNN piece claiming that officials say the plane likely crashed into the Indian Ocean, follow by this CNN piece saying that it's likely the plane slipped by radar and landed.

I propose that this plane is involved in something much more serious than a crash, or a simple hijacking. This plane may be used in a future 9/11 style event that would be the pretext to starting World War 3. On the surface this may sound crazy, however, when one takes into consideration the information that has been released about this plane, the fact that the information has been slowly trickled out, as well as the current state of various countries which appear to be positioning themselves for a war, this becomes a more plausible possibility.

Below is a list of various countries and the relevant information from the missing Malaysian flight #370 as well as other relevant stories pertaining to their movement towards war. I will attempt to update this as the story unfolds.


  • Malaysia is known as the regions leader on the global war on terror. 
  • The country is heavily pro-west, and the regions likely candidate to assist the United States, and the west if they were to start a new war. 
  • Malaysia was home of the infamous conference of terrorist leaders that led to the 9/11 terror plot. [Asia Times]
  • Malaysia and the West have released misleading information about flight #370. See two CNN reports stating that "officials" state that the plane crashed into the ocean, then say it landed

  • Raised their air defense in response to the missing flight #370. Requiring airlines radio towers twice the distance as normal. 
  • Hyped the possibility of an attack with flight #370 as the weapon. Some news speculating that the plane may be filled with nuclear material. [link]
  • Preconditioning the Israeli public with the possibility of an attack, and who would be behind it, by publishing the hype of an attack with flight #370 in their local state newspapers, and television channels. [Times of Israel]
  • Israel is "frustrated" that no one has attacked Iran. The defense minister is leaning towards an Israeli mission inside Iran. (Note: If a false flag carried out by Israel made it appear as though Israel was attacked by Iran the U.S. would be obligated to respond).  “We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran is the United States" - Israeli Defense Minister[Harretz]

  • The West has been fear mongering about Iran constantly. It seems Iran is always just a short time away from "having the bomb". In 1992 Netanyahu said Iran was close to having a bomb. In 1998 Donald Rumsfeld said Iran could have a nuke by 2003. In 2013 a U.S. nuclear expert said Iran could have a nuke within a month. [link 1][link 2]
  • The United States has Iran surrounded with bases. [Image]
  • The current supreme leader of Iran has made anti-American statements. He has referred to America as "the devil incarnate".  If an attack involving Iranians happens it will be easy to claim it is officially sanctioned. [link]
  • It is claimed that two Iranians travelling on stolen passports were travelling on flight #370. There is no proof they are actually Iranian. It is suspicious how officials quickly announced that they were Iranian, travelling on stolen passports, and released pictures of them, yet with that ability were not able to stop them from boarding the plane. That suggests that they were allowed onto the plane, like the U.S. underwear bomber. [link]


  • India's biggest enemy is Pakistan.
  • There have been reports suggesting that the missing flight #370 has landed in India, paving the way to blame India should an attack take place. 


  • Pakistan has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia. [link]
  • Pakistan's biggest enemy is India

Saudi Arabia:
  • The ruling family of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud, was financed, and put in power in the early 1900's by British Intelligence.  [Link]
  • Several of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. [Admitted by President Bush]
  • Some believe Saudi Arabia has purchased a nuclear weapon from Pakistan. [link]
  • Saudi Arabia is expected to be the regions first to obtain nuclear weapons, or second after only Iran. 
  • Saudi Arabia is pro-west, and very close with the U.S. and Britain. 
  • Has purchased weapons from Pakistan, U.S., Israel
  • Recently stated that it will attack Iran, their biggest global enemy, regardless if Israel joins them or not. [link]
The Conclusion

The United States, Western Block, and or Israel hijacked flight #370, how is irrelevant. The plane was landed somewhere, and stripped, possibly loaded with nuclear material, and had the transponder changed. The plane will then be used as a missile, similar to 9/11, and likely hit Israel, or a western owned target.

The same groups that pulled off the hijacking will come out stating that the plane was hijacked by the two Iranians on board, fabricate some evidence, and claim it was officially sanctioned by the government of Iran. They may claim it landed in India in order to make India a co-conspirator so that Pakistan's biggest enemy can be taken out in exchange for Pakistan giving weapons to Saudi Arabia. There will be immediate retaliation by whoever was hit. If Israel was hit they will attack Iran, and the United States will back them. If the U.S. or a western target is hit then all of NATO will attack (as required in their treaty), and Israel will seize the opportunity to take out its biggest enemy Iran. Either way Saudi Arabia will join so it can take out its biggest enemy also Iran.

Malaysia is likely to get billions in weapons, and funding from the west to help bolster their position in the "war on terror" especially since they are the regions leader in said war.

Russia has claimed it would defend Iran if it were attacked unprovoked. If Iran is seen as attacking the west in some gruesome fashion then it is likely to prevent Russia from joining. If this doesn't prevent Russia from joining then China is likely to attack Eastern Russia. China is involved due to selling weapons to Saudi Arabia likely knowing that they will be used to attack Iran.

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