Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google Seeking More Information - "Account Purpose"

When logging into my Google account, specifically through Blogger I was prompted with this:

Google Prompt for Blogger purpose

It's just another example of Google collecting as much data as possible. This is related to an article I believe I wrote about Google reading peoples e-mail before it is even sent out.
Google's capabilities to read e-mails before they are sent.

Google is either actively scanning the e-mail as it is being written. They could also be recording keystrokes, and even if something is typed and the "send" button is never pressed, and you go back and remove it then it's possible Google still knows what you were going to send. Additionally Google could scan the entire e-mail after the "send" button is pressed, and then bring up alerts for "I have attached".

There are so many was that this could be abused by simply changing what the terms Google is
looking for, and additionally what they do with them.

Dave (Xieon Politics)
P.S. - Please forgive me for the lack of content being provided, one of the major issues is that I currently have a 5 month old daughter, and a lot of time, and energy is focused around that.

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