Monday, December 23, 2013

Colored Squares on Plastic Tubes Not Substitute for Due Diligence.

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I hope everyone is have a good holiday season, and is gearing up for a very Merry Christmas.

The article below is an article I came across on my Facebook feed, and have seen this story floating around the interwebs. I decided to read it, and then make a response, and figured that both should be posted to the blog. 


The original article was in reference to colored square found at the bottom of plastic tubes of things such as tooth paste.

Original News Like:

Here is the response I posted to Facebook, and decided to mirror it to this blog. In case there are people who decide to use this method of deciding what products themselves, and their family use, or ingest, instead of doing due diligence, and researching the products that could cause them major harm.

Although I don't trust the FDA (food and drug administration) they don't use deceptive practices like putting colored squares on the tubes. They use another deceptive practice. Simply listing the ingredients on the products, and hoping that no one will look up what they are. Then, even if there are some people who look into it, an even smaller percentage of those people will look into what those chemicals are, and even small amount will look into the health effects, studies on those chemicals etc.

Those marks are usually at the end of the tube near the crimping, and is used by the manufacturing process to determine where, and when to cut the tube to the appropriate size, and then crimp it. It can also be used to test the ink, to see if there is an error in printing, or if there needs to be an ink change.

There are apps you can download for Android, and iPhone that allow you to quickly either use the camera to scan the bar-codes on products, and pull up descriptions of the ingredients, and if that product is safe/non-safe/etc. You could also simply Google the ingredients.

As time goes on we learn that more substance that were considered safe, are in fact not. For example BPA. There are many chemicals that used to be considered safe (even at small levels) to consume. Such as BPA - which is a synthetic form of estrogen, and is at least in my opinion a major factor in the massive rise in breast cancer.

If anything this "hoax" about the color square helps these industries because it distracts the end user away from actually investigating what they put in, or on their body. No color coded square is a substitute for due diligence. Especially if you have a baby, or a young child who can't do that type of research themselves, and need parents who look out for them. -Originally posted on Facebook by Xieon Politics: 12/23/13 

Many people don't believe that there is a link between BPA and Cancer. Simply go to Google, and type in BPA Cancer Causing Link 

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