Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fox News States FBI Searching for a Potential "Foot Hood Style" Attack - Day Before Ft. Hood Shooting

Fox News ran with a report stating that the F.B.I and military were searching for a man named "Booker" and specifically said he was planning a "Ft. Hood" style attack. This was published on April 1st in a Fox News "Special Alert". Which can be seen below:

Amazingly the next day there was a shooting that was not "Foot Hood Styled" but rather took place in the exact same location - Foot Hood, Texas.

This is very interesting because after the alert, and then the shooting, Fox News has updated their report to say that the person they are looking for "is not a threat" even though he was mentioned in a report entitled "Planned Ft. Hood-inspired Jihad against US Soldiers by Army Recruit".

When looking out for created reality an almost dead give away is when possible created reality events link to each other, in attempts to embed them deeper into "reality". Were there any signs of this here? Yes.

The 2009 shooting at Fort Hood was carried out by a Major Hassan. The suspect "Booker" of the planned Ft. Hood style attack also had a last name of Hassan. Then of course there is a shooting taking place in Foot Hood, which will link back to the Fort Hood style attack report, which named Hassan, which in it of itself links back to Hassan.

For those having a hard time understanding this, image "reality" is a Google search. Instead of top results being tied to profits, and views, top search results represent "reality" or how real something is perceived. Combining similar terms in these stories is intentional. This can be shown in the below diagram showing how the events are deeply linked, as opposed to loosely linked if the stories were different.

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