Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Excellent Short Video Linking Fluoride and Cancer & Reminder What's in MA Water

Here is an excellent very short (6 min.) video of the link between fluoride and cancer, as well as evidence of the U.S. Government hiding the links between the two.

Additionally, for those who want a reminder what is in Massachusetts drinking water (the state I live in, and where most of my views come from) here is a picture taken by myself and an associate while touring the Peabody Municipal Water Treatment Center -

Bags of poisonous fluoride bought from China being dumped into Peabody, MA drinking water.

Close up showing the poisonous marking, and "Made in China" labeling 

The corrosion around the metal is caused by the fluoride. This was pointed out as though it was no big deal by our tour guide. I wonder what effect it has on muscles, tissue, and bone if it can do that to metal? 

More corrosion caused by fluoride. What isn't shown is there was metal pipes that had to completely be redone because the corrosion had eaten completely through them. 

If fluoride is causing massive cancer in a study when given to rats, and is corroding metal, and labelled as poisonous on the very bags they put into Massachusetts and else where water, what do you think it's doing to humans!

Please avoid fluoridated water as much as possible, especially in infants. 

The reason why there is such a large increase in breast cancer, compared to other cancers, is because there are massive amounts of endocrine disrupting, estrogen mimicking, cancer causing chemicals in our environment. The breasts are an area of the body that experiences several stages of cell growth. There is birth, and the normal growing. There is the spike at puberty. Another spike when pregnant, and again at menopause.

Something that experiences MUCH more cell growth than the breasts, is embryos, newborns, infants, children. 

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