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Is the Power of the Internet Being Purposely Withheld? Part 1

[Authors Note: This is a very long article that covers a wide range of things, I could have separated them up into smaller articles, however, I had planned on writing an article about the limitation of the internet, and this is how it ended. I feel there is a good deal of information in this article.]
Great minds over the years have written numerous science fiction books that were decades head of the time, and over those years time, and time again we have seen science fiction because science fact. It would seem that the limitation of humans lies nested in the ability to create a thought. If it can be thought, it can be done, albeit eventually.

Look at Walt Disney's "Carousel of Progress", which is a focal point of one of my upcoming articles, for a good example of how much the only only limit is the thought. "If you can dream it, you can do it" - Which was said by none other than Walt Disney. Throughout the Carousel of Progress ride there are numerous things that were predicted, or laughed at the possibility of, as seen from a time previous in the time line. For example the main character, and narrator of the Carousel of Progress, states at one point that he's "even heard of two fellas who are working on some sort of flying machine....ahh it will never work". Of course the wright brothers did in fact get their plane flying, in in less than a century man went from having horse drawn carriages to nuclear powered aircraft carries.

That all being said, we come to the internet. I don't think that the "powers that be" had any idea of just how fast the internet would change the world. Maybe it's changing things just a little too fast for some of their own liking.

There are many theories about the internet, and the unseen hand pulling the strings of reality. For example there is the possibility that a service such as Google could actually be showing you what it thinks you want to see, and if done to a well enough extent, no one would ever know. A sort of mix between the "Truman Show" and "The Matrix".

In the Matrix, which for those living under a massive rock, is a concept that man, and machines got into a war, and the humans basically lost. The humans blacked out the sky so the only source of energy for the machines, solar, would fade away, except the machines decided to harvest humans as batteries instead. In "reality" bodies are submerged in a womb like container,submerged in some form of goo, and wires going into them at multiple locations, including a large one that goes into the back of the neck. However, what humans perceive as reality is completely different. They live out their "lifes" in a virtual reality simulation of what a life would be, based on whenever the virtual world is set for those living in it at that specific time. There are often various glitches in the program in which operators of the program have to manually go in and fix these error. In sever errors such as the humans in the program nuking themselves, the simulating is sent back to a restore point. Much like the Truman show, in which great lengths are undertaken to prevent Truman from realizing he's living in a simulated reality, the same basic key holds true in the Matrix that it's important that the people within the simulation belief that the simulation is "reality" and not realize they are in a simulation.

In the aforementioned scenario of Google showing each user what it believes it thinks you want to see the complexity is similar to the situation of the Matrix the only difference being in the Matrix situation people are born into the simulation, live their life through out it, and die in the simulation. In the scenario of Google showing users what it thinks they want is different in that the simulated reality is creeping in trying to subtly subvert the real reality.

This sounds like a fairly difficult task, and it would be were it not for the amount of information we've given Google. They already know tons of information about almost everyone, as well as essentially everything, regardless how trivial. There's really no way to tell exactly how much hard drive space Google has at its disposal. The NSA's new data center in Utah has varying estimates in regards to space, however one quote has been a yottabyte, or one thousand trillion gigabytes of data. Thats 1000,000,000,000,000 gigabytes. Lets just say a high def image is 25megabytes. A MB is roughly 1000GB (1024 MB = 1GB to be exact) So 1000,000,000,000,000 GB = 1000,000,000,000,000,000 MB. 1000/25 = 40,000,000,000,000. That's 40 trillion high def images that could be stored.

That's the long way of saying that Google has no problem storing massive amounts of information on everyone, including e-mails that you type, but don't send. It tracks your preferences, links up with Facebook and knows your likes, knows who your friends are. Saves your voice pattern, and has access to your internet search history, and all your photos, phone calls, text messages. Additionally they dominate the smart phone market so they don't have to struggle to get people to give up that information, if they want to have the latest tech they'll be using a Google Android phone, and allowing it to collect your information, and all Android phones are linked to a G-mail account after all.

The combination of the information Google collects, and how much it can store, and hard drive space gets cheaper every year so it's likely they can store that information indefinitely, is nothing but scary.

To illustrate how this would work lets take two people, A, and B. Subject A believes in aliens, Subject B does not believe in them. When Subject A uses Google, and searches for stories about Aliens they will be given back websites about pro-alien conspiracy theory websites. Person B does the same search and gets websites promoting that aliens cannot exist. The initial problem that people realize quite quickly is this works well if you have people sitting alone in their house, but what happens when you have people out in the world, what if person A, and B are both on their phones, standing next to each other, and do the same search. In this case Google would show different results for the same search to different people, and the scam would be exposed. Except as the complexity of Google's algorithms grows in combination with the amount of data they collect about people grows they may for example use location data to realize that person A and B are next to each other. Ultimately the more data Google collects the more it's able to control reality. While the fake reality of the Matrix has the users completely "inserted" into it, and are grown from birth in this reality, this creeping Google reality is slowing slipping in, like a thief in the night, and replacing the real reality with it's own version of reality. This doesn't seem so devious at first, after all it's already being implemented and most people dont realize it. Google uses your searches, and e-mails, to give you more "relevant" ads to show you. Ads you're more likely to be interested in, and thus likely to click on, thus increasing Google's price to charge advertisers since they can guarantee an increase in click through.

The sinister aspect comes in now with the advertising changes, which really doesn't hurt anyone, and could be argued that is pretty benign. After all if you're going to be spammed with ad's anyway at least you're being spammed with ads about stuff your actually interested in, and might not mind so much seeing. Additionally Google isn't forcing you to click on them, and if they increase their revenue for changing the ads that would be there anyway they can focus that revenue to change services that will benefit you. The companies that pay for the ads would have to pay a higher cost to advertise, however, they won't be complaining since although they are paying Google more to advertise on certain sites, more people are clicking on those ads. So what is the problem?

Lets take a scenario with two people, A, and B. In this scenario all voting is done electronically, and their is an election coming up the next day. Person A is staunchly anti-war, and conspiracy minded, even if there was some type of attack they are likely to be skeptical of whatever happens. There is a attack that happens in a city, far away from A, so local travel isn't an option, and no one A personally knows lives in this city. When searching for information about this the information that A gets back is all about who did it, and that the next day we should vote to invade the alleged country behind the attack. Even the so called alternative media sites that A would visit to counter check the mainstream media are cherry picked, or down right mirrored, and the Google version displayed to user A, who see's no difference between the websites as it normally appears, and what their browsers is displaying which is really a cloned website with Googles own agenda inserted. Google knows what apps you regularly use on your phone, and can send ads to you about this attack to your frequent apps, to be really sinister they could call you from a blocked number, which you never answer, they know this and it goes to voice-mail. Later when you check the voice mail it's a message from your mother who says she decided to go on a trip and was injured in the attack, you had no idea since you have a distant relationship with your mother, her voice sounds like her, but there's no way to reach her back. The next day you vote to invade the country that was blamed for the alleged attack.

Meanwhile we have person B, they are pro-war kill everyone. No real need for an elaborate false flag hoax, instead just air a large increase in propaganda about the country that is our "enemy" and their alleged atrocities, knowing they have a girlfriend make sure that when they are together an ad happens to play about terrorists who force children to kill their animals, or their parents die, and usually kill them all anyway. Her seeing this will guarantee her vote for the war, and of course how could you say you're not going to vote for it, unless you want to be sleeping on the couch for ever you'll be proclaiming your hatred for this country to her quite vigorously.

Now lets say that this attack really did happen. Person's A's mother is worried about them, because for whatever reason they may be near that area, or perhaps persons A's mother is just a worry wort. Not a problem, when your mother logs onto her Facebook, and checks your status it shows that you've just posted pictures of vacationing on a beach, with a status saying "enjoying a week away from electronics, and the beautiful girls, waves, and weather. See you all next week when I re-connect to the world. Phone, laptop, tablet all shutting". That covers that, if there's any activity involving you on Facebook, be it you, a story about you, or someone elses action that would display on person A's news feed, Google simply scrubs that out, before displaying the clean version.

Google's storage space, and information are constantly growing, and their algorithms are getting more sophisticated. Higher level algorithms means they need more processors, and processor speed, which they are also getting more of, but the world is on the brink of have the first quantum processors which is like the difference between a horse drawn carriage, and a Ferrari. The first ones are going to cost big bucks, and Google has plenty of those to dish out. Bottom line is it would be very easy for Google to slip it's own version of reality right in over the true reality, and it most likely could get away with it for a long time before getting caught. I'm sure something like this will be tested on a larger level soon, but on the smaller scale some of the things mentioned in this article have already happened. For example Google showing different data to different people based likely on it's only permanent record it has on you. Additionally scrubbing websites is already being done. In the older days on the internet people would make a copy of a website, and trick people into giving them their passwords, but they preyed on the internet/tech naive, or tricking people who do recurring tasks. For example a page would look almost exactly like the eBay logon page, but the url would clearly show it was a cloned website, entering the password would re-direct you to the real ebay login, and you'd think you just type a character wrong, you long in thinking things are normal, but you've given away your password. Now using various programs such as ad-blocker a user can not only block ads from appearing on their page, but they can actually block the ad from ever getting pinged, the difference between it being there, and just not seeing it, and having it never have existed in the first place. In these cases the content on webpages are able to be altered, and the URL bar stays the same, and there's really very little way of telling what was scrubbed unless you're trying to find it.  The biggest advantage that Google has at it's disposal if it ever wanted to pull off such a scheme is not it's storage, or processing power, but its information. As anyone who has used Facebook has experienced there's very little you can see if you're not logged on, and then depending on who you are alters what you can see. Two people can view the same persons profile, and see different things. They may not even know that there's something they are not seeing, or if they do realize they are not seeing the full profile it's even harder to determine what they are not seeing.

While this has been a very length article so far, and would make for a great science fiction novel in it's own right I don't see a massive company like Google using the internet in that way to control the populus, or some devious action. Instead I see a combination of technology, and a laziness of the people that will be the combination that will turn one of the populations greatest tools, weapon against darkness, into a tool that is used against us, a fraction of what it could be, or not used at all.

Coming up in Part 2: The Power of the Internet Being Purposely Withheld.

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