Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Cheney Stand Down Order' - Cheney confronted over 9/11 and first google bomb

'Cheney Stand Down Order' at the time this article is being written is currently in the number 1 position of the google trends statistics.

What has now been dubbed the 'Cheney Stand Down Order' was the target of today's google bomb, and instrument of The Alex Jones Show, prisionplanet.com, and inforwarriors.com

Since this is the first time this tactic has been employed, and utilised by myself I will give a brief description of the tactic.

The tactic involves having those who listen to the show, and read the websites, of whom naturally are like minded in the fight against Tyranny, take a search term, or occasionally several, and repetitively enter them primarily into the Google search bar, although other search engines are often used to a lesser extent based upon the individuals personal preference. This causes the trending topic, and most often the number 1 topic to be a phrase that the fight against Tyranny wants to draw attention to.

Knowing the number of people who pay attention to what's trending on Google allows for both people whom may have been unaware of certain issues to have their attention drawn to them, further gaining exposure and knowledge, and strengthening our collective resolve to remain free.

Additionally, it illustrates to those pulling the strings that there is strength in numbers. That people are awakening from their slumber to realise they are in fact nothing more than 21st century slaves to a group of sickening, blood-thirsty, power mad individuals.

'Cheney's Stand Down Order'
The google bomb of the day is in reference to the belief that Dick Cheney ordered NORAD - the North American Radar Air Defence - to stand down on the morning of 9/11, instead of scrambling fighter jets to intercept the four hi-jacked airliners.

This news is not new, especially to those inside the 9/11 truth movement. The true cause for the google bomb is because of a man named Luke Rudkowski. Mr. Rudkowski founded the wearechange.com website, and has been a public figure in the fight for the expose of the truth, restoration of freedom, and destruction of Tyrannical forces.

As a result of the large following Mr. Rudkowski has gathered as a result of his efforts, of which he started in his early 20's, he's acquired what some would fear, yet others cherish, a target on his back. His website has been attacked, hacked, and brought down.

Why is all of this such important news, and why has this young mans actions led to the decision of the days Google bomb.

It is because of another action taken by Mr. Rudkowski, in which he personally confronts former VP Dick Cheney and questions him about his actions on 9/11. This should be viewed as an example, and a role model for all of us. We are all created equal on this Earth, and despite those who hide behind tinted glass and Secret Service, they are still members of the same race they so viciously try to control, dissect, and destroy.

The action's of one person has led to a national following, and his perserverance has caused the virality of a visibly shaken former VP on video being questioned about his involvement on 9/11.

Lastly, there is one more aspect of the Google bomb, and it's self implementation. For example, searches for the trending topic, of which some people may simply be curious about, will now include this blog article. This act's as a way to exponentially grow the movement. 

We seek not glory, but freedom. We do not want to be honoured for what we do, for we wish we never had to do such tasks in the first place. We share in the exposure, we share in expansion of the movement, and we will share in the fruits of paradise that can only be tasted by the pallets of the free.

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