Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I Feel I Must Fight, Weapon of Choice - Words

I alluded to this piece in another piece on this blog, and I wish for it to serve as an explanation of my ideology, methodology, and thought process for the content that is to be published on this blog in the upcoming weeks and months.

To do so however, I first feel I must explain some things about myself.

Throughout my life there have been three beliefs of mine of which has guided the direction I have gone, and wish to go.

I have always held a strong belief that words have great power, often underestimated and misinterpreted by those who use them, being all of us daily. From an early age I have always been a skilled orator, and I've used that to my advantage, admittedly, many times both knowingly and unknowingly.

Combined with my respect for the usage of words, came my respect for debate. I love to argue, and I love to win more. I'm very clever, and I have often gotten what ever I wanted in life, however, the thrill of legitimatly winning an argument holds much more weight with me than achieving some effect by different means. Sadly this is a philosophy many in politics do not understand, as they feel if they cannot win an argument then perhaps a bullet, figuratively and literally, will do just as good if not a better job.

The last belief, of concept, that has been crucial in my life is that of the law. The power of words combined with the power of debate. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, and still plan on continuing on that career path, although perhaps I see things a little differently. What intrigued me about the law was that my passion for words, oration, debate, could be used to serve a greater good. Perhaps I could free an innocent man, or perhaps I could acquit a known rapist, only to expose the very loophole I used. I believed that there were problems in our system of government, and society, and that to see the change, or lack thereof, that I wanted I would have to study law.

The concept of law is a perfect transition into what I'll be discussing in the future, and why.

A question once asked of me was why would I want to be a lawyer, if I knew I would have to defend guilty people, and be sworn to essentially help them get away with their crimes. Unlike some of the filth in society, I would not sabotage to serve a greater good, but rather as my answer was ''because I believe in the system''.

I believe that our forefathers established an unprecedented country, the likes of which the world was both shocked and awed at. Founded upon a cornerstone which has withstood decades of ruthless attacks, and is in my opinion the greatest document written, the United States Constitution. I believed that the wills of men, men who descended from truly great hero's, unfortunately are now treasonously called ''terrorists'', would perservere. I believed that the collective spirit of the people of this great nation would never be broken, and could fix even the worst of mistakes.

It is without question that human beings are not perfect, however, I believed that when through the course of our history we made mistakes that they would be recognised, fixed, and retribution disbursed for.

It is no secret that there are evil people, and that evil clearly exists, however, I was shockingly unaware, as many Americans still are, at just how much exists and just how many people are foaming at the mouth receiving orgasmic pleasure from mass murder. There are so many factions, some working against one another, some known, others not, but regardless, the compartmentalised massive-scale, ''lie is different at every level'' evil that is raping our once free society is exponentially growing.

This brings me to my conclusion. I see the amount of evil acts happening daily, and I am genuinely scared. I have told others that I feel we live in a society where for the first time our parents were better off than we were.

I admit I see evil, and I admit that I am scared. However if I am to die in the fire's of Hell, then let the first burn come from the heat of my sword searing my skin from my hand. For although I may be scared, I will not back down. There are things that I love, freedom, liberty, humanity, sovereignty, family, and I will gladly give my life to protect those.


I know how to handle a weapon, and if it came to pulling the trigger aiming between the eyes of Tyranny I would do so, however, I am skilled in the use of another weapon, the pen.

Dark times are no doubt upon us, but there is still hope. There is still that unbreakable human spirit I believed, and still do, can fix such errors when used correctly.

I feel I am obligated. I am obligated to write what I know, and what I believe. I am obligated to admit that I am scared, but will not be a coward.

''you can shut the doors, and turn off the lights, pull over the covers, and shut your eyes...but you cannot escape the truth''
I will do none of those things. I will rise up, hands shaking as they may, and I will unmistakingly utter my last words, as I gasp for air. They will either be ''I'm sorry I failed'', or ''I made a difference''. I will NOT make the mistake of dying with the regret of doing NOTHING.

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