Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Connectivity is Bringing us Further Apart

First: I'd like to apologise for my lack of information coming through this outlet. Luckily there are hundreds of thousands of other people picking up the slack, but in an information war like this everything counts. I will attempt to get out as many articles and tweets in the next few days, assuming I'm up to the weather.

You're going to have to forgive me for today, and several days in the past. I have problems everywhere I look, and which is why I posted an article that I normally never would written. That also somewhat leads into why I wrote that article, which is I cleaned off my 150inch desk of my research papers, because I was expecting very important company to me, and I managed to get shut down several times. If death feels like crying without physical tears then I'm officially dead on the inside.

If you like reading any of my stuff, even though the other post is somewhat disturbing please read it. There's a lot of good symbolism throughout it, even though it's only a page, and I think it has a good point – depending on your outlook on life that day of course.

Now onto

Connectivity is Bringing us Further Apart
This article is somewhat hard for me to write, and a speck embarrassing. This morning I wet to check on my N.C.A.A. Basketball picks, which I'm losing, and I noticed while signing in there were three options

Sign in using a Yahoo Account
Sign in using a Google Account
Sign in using a Facebook Account

At first, like all tech savs. should do, is double check the domain name, and make sure they are, which they were.

Now, it is no surprise seeing Facebook pop up everywhere. Everywhere from movies, to commercials, parodies, 100million plus YouTube videos, it's everywhere. A large part of Facebook's jump in growth was the “Like” button. Allowing other websites to transmit data back to their website where they compile it and shows it to their friends who might like it, and everyone is making money,

That's an alright model for just Facebook, but I started to think down the Rabbit Hole, and hopefully this analogy will help to awaken some people of what is happening to the U.S. Dollar, and the World Reserve Currency.

Lets assume that Facebook is an American company. Two international banks come in, Bank A and Bank B. The two banks make a deal with Facebook to begin to issue Facebook credit cards, and they'll also charge a fee for lost cards, and any other fee's they can rack up.

Eventually, if the plan is played correctly enough, (this is very simplistic I know). One of two things are going to happen.

  1. Inflation: We've already seen this going on for the past few years in enormous amounts. Does anyone go food shopping. A can of Tuna didn't rise $0.20 this week, your dollar lost $0.20 this week. Which of course is a great reason why you should have silver and silver backed currency, which is immune to markets.
  1. 2) Global riots. We've already seen riots in the Middle East over food, and wages. We've also seen that happen in several U.S. States as well as one state currently printing its own coins, while the other is in the process awaiting the appeal of the defendant in that case.

  1. Now, why are riots bad? We have police, the Army (who shouldn't act due to Posse Commetatous), FBI, CIA, etc. We probably have more alphabet agencies with guns than there are that many guns in the world. The U.N. Gave an order to invade Libya, so what's next, a U.S. Invasion when the rebels stop winning, or will they play the other side and squash the rebels and help their friends.

These people, especially at the top of the pyramid love to play both sides of the game, it's rigged, and you can't win.

News Blitz:
Japan: Not getting better (specific article to come soon)
Nuclear Fallout: Not Getting Better (article to come specifically on this soon)
World Economy: Not getting Better
President Obama: Not Getting Better (doesn't take an article)
Congress: Not Getting Better

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