Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch your media: Disney Tokyo Underwater

The newest water attraction at Walt Disney Worlds Resort in Tokyo isn't an attraction at all, but rather a result of the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Initially major news outlets were reporting that there was no significant damage in Japan due to the events. Unfortunately I cannot find links to back that up, although my twitter was filled with them.

This is to remind you, always check your sources. If you're listening to crap, you're talking in crap.

Later in the day it was discovered that 69,000 cars are underwater at the resort, and people are being evacuated. This news has now become wildfire in the blog-o-sphere.

Disney fans will note that the third Magic Kingdom style park ever built is in Tokyo. Reports from the Tokyo Disneyland resort indicate that the car park and Disney Sea expansion area has experienced some liquefaction (wikipedia) causing large puddles of water to appear on roads and parking lots as much of Tokyo Disneyland expansion areas was built on landfill.

The main impact of the earthquake and tsunami was 200 miles north of the resort. Despite online reports of catastrophic damage, only minor structural damage has been reported and there were no injuries thankfully. This picture of Tokyo DisneySea shows no major damage, but very crowded common areas.
That quote came from the DisneyBlog, a blog wihch is dedicated to family friendly fun at the WDWR's. Instead of blogging about Mickey or the latest family vacation deals, the site is surely ruining dreams and not making them come true.

Enemy Lesson Theatre
I have italicised the section from the DisneyBlog that illustrates bias in a different direction. They cover up the amount of damage stating there was no "catastrophic" damage, followed by a picture of some broke cement, and thousands pf people alive and well. This is just one example of spinning the facts

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