Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As TEPCO Continues to Pump Radioactive Water into the Ocean So Does the Media's Whitewashing.

For now weeks there has been an array of dangerous radioactive isotopes and radiation spewing from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.

As the radiation levels built up so did the media's white washing of the incident. At first there was major news coverage of the catastrophe, albeit flawed in it's own right. It would make sense that there would be more, if not the same amount of coverage, and concern after watching the events unfold for weeks.

The coverage of the incident has dramatically decreased instead, and it seems that the media's attention span for the disaster was short by design. Articles and stories are still being released, but only as a sleight of hand trick to keep the sheeple believing the watered down stories they have been told from the beginning.

Not only has the amount of coverage decreased, but so has the substance. Any information of value is often buried within the article by design to keep anyone glancing over the material to understand the magnitude.

One example of this comes from an AFP article picked up by Yahoo News.
The article states first:
The water had been found to have a radiation level of more than 1,000 millisieverts and is believed to be the source of spiking radioactive iodine-131 readings more than 4,000 times the legal limit in ocean waters.
The article then goes on to bury a key piece of information as a mere one liner at the very end of the article.
Separately, TEPCO has been pumping low-level radioactive water into the sea to free up urgently needed safe storage space for water so toxic that it is halting crucial repair work.
The media believes that what's out of sight, is out of mind, and won't kill you. While the first may be true in keeping the public unaware, the radiation dangers will not dissipate by not paying them proper attention.

Although the highly radioactive water may have been stopped from spewing into the ocean, it will still bio-accumulate in the food chain, and have long lasing repercussions.

The fact that it doesn't cause concern that more radioactive material is being pumped into the ocean is even more alarming. Regardless if it is high or low level radioactive water it still contains dangerous radioactive elements, with immense half lives. It is absurd to have media outlets believing that stacking more and more radiation on top of itself is barely worth mentioning.

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