Monday, April 4, 2011

N.A.T.O Imposes "No Fly Zone" Over United Nations Complexs


Early this morning, at a N.A.T.O. briefing, it was announced that the group was imposing a "no fly" zone over all of the complexes currently being operated by the United Nations, including those on sovereign soils.

The move comes after Fridays attack on a U.N. complex by Afghan demonstrators, which killed 7 people(1). These rebels were upset over the handling of situations involving the burning of the Quran, and a rift between nations emerged.

A N.A.T.O. spokesman stated that "the United Nations, and those who continue to stand in alliance to it, are continuing to remove the most fundamental rights of the people".

The spokesman finished by stating that this was a "humanitarian" mission, that was of the utmost importance.


It's surprising that we don't see that outcome unfolding? After all we are setting the precedent that when rebels attack and don't succeed that we should intervene and help them take over.

"Why don't we take over the U.N. If our mission is protecting human rights than I see no one more fit for the charge of grossly and systematically violating them."

*This article of satire. Everything above the red line is fictional material.

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  1. I posted this, as I do all blog postings, and a friend on facebook responded with
    "I'm offended, I'm Jewish"

    I responded with this:

    I am sorry if you are offended by the logo, however, I purposely choose it to head up the post because I knew it would cause controversy.

    I would assume it is not the actual image of the Swastika that offends you, as say a pornographic image might offend you, however it is what it represents.

    It represents the horrors committed by the Third Reich, and the Eugenics movement that Hitler was praised by the Western Allies for.

    I am sympathetic to the Jewish people for their losses, however, people need to realise that the Swastika representing oppression to the Jewish population by the Nazi's, and SS has evolved. It no longer has simply the wings of an eagle, but the very wings of the Earth.

    Everyone should take offence to this image. Otherwise, if we continue to stumble about our days oblivious to what's happening, never daring to peak at the man behind the curtain, sitting blissfully ignorant staring at the abyss, we will eventually all be enslaved. We will eventually all lose our humanity, our basic rights, our freedoms.



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