Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama Pushes Osama Damage Control

President Obama has once again changed his, or rather the "official" version of what happened on the night that Osama Bin-Laden was allegedly executed.

It goes without saying that it's odd the United States couldn't capture or kill a single man in the 10 years following his alleged conspiracy to commit murder of about 3000 U.S. citizens, which coincidentally the F.B.I. didn't list on his most wanted sheet because there was not enough evidence.

The story only goes on to get more bizarre when the US claims to have killed the worlds most wanted terrorists amist the collapse of the U.S. dollar, under-reported radiation from the Fukashima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant, and Obama's record spending, and record low-approval rating.

Coupled the fact that Obama has said that sometimes there needs to be "a good distraction" for the American people, it should be unquestioned that even if the official story was true, Obama would enjoy the collateral benefits. The official story was never completely accurate, to put things lightly.

First there was an alleged fire-fight between U.S. Navy Seals and Osama Bin-Laden, in which Osama was armed, and used one of his wifes as a human shield, that lasted roughly 45 minutes. It was later revealed that the firefight was between U.S. forces, and a single guy across the street with a gun, who engaged the U.S. forces.

Speculation continued from the U.S. public, now more weary of the U.S. government, and it's actions, than ever before, which has now led President Obama to be forced to turn his possible false flag trump card, into a burden requiring damage control:

It's a dangerous doubled edged sword, however.

On the one hand, the rising awareness of the U.S. public to the shady actions of the U.S. government has clearly increased, which is beneficial for the awakening as a whole. On the other hand, however, this will illustrate to the power elite that their margin of power over the masses is diminishing. The elite has been rapidly upping the ante, and they've committed so many crimes, that they have no choice to continue. Forced with this realization, it is fearful that the terror ploys that could be used stemming from Osama's death.

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