Friday, May 6, 2011

What is the Osama End-Game?

What will the Osama end game be?

The government most likely already has a plan for utilizing the Bin-Laden image, however sloppily put together as demonstrated by tossing bodies into the ocean to protect the [incorrect] rights of a dead terrorist. If not then they are likely constructing one currently, most likely attempting to tie as many loose ends from various issues together.

Of the possibilities I see from this event, the false flag, is what concerns me the most. The other issues, such as loss of freedoms, and liberties, or increased T.S.A. presence, etc, would all come as a trickle down effect from the more severe outcomes.

If a false flag is implemented it would have to be significantly more advance than 9/11, and due to the speed of information, it would have to be pull off almost flawlessly. The government as an entity, and many people working within it, albeit on different levels of the lie, have committed so many felonies it has become all or nothing, and they will go with the best plan they have.

There are three possibilities:

False Flag Attack - Direct:
This example is the most obvious. Using information/intelligence gathered directly from the alleged incident, all sorts of things could be fabricated. It might be showed that he knew how to build some super virus, so now we have to get blood taken at airports, or it might show some plan in action in which the "good guys" rush in to save the day, and defuse a bomb with a timer on "0:01" just like Hollywood movies. the government is exploiting the Osama death fantasy as an excuse to expand the police state grid in the United States and acclimate the populace to the presence of militarized cops and unconstitutional random searches in mass transit hubs.

False Flag - Two Tier
This would be a two-tier false flag, where using the original false flag, which a smaller group of people are "in the know" about, would then lead to a second false flag, which could be used to get more people in on the scam, or be used to obscure attention from what really happened, or the stepping stone that would've lead to the second event.

False Flag - Triggered:
This scenario is where using the events we have created, i.e. Osama's death, some other events are triggered, which the U.S. can either then attack, or piggyback their terrorism.

To clarify: A group of Muslims might be upset over Osama's death, and start a rally, and attack someplace in Africa. That might happen to be closer to Libya that some of our other troops, so we can send them over there instead. That way we luckily don't have to create any enemies, and some pop up in a strategic location.

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