Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon and Journalistic Integrity Shot Dead

When there are major tragedies the major news outlets are often, albeit increasingly less due to alternative media, turned to for up to date information on significant events. There is an expectation that the resources of the company are able to be utilized to get information, and then disseminate that information via reporters. Otherwise many without the connections, or money, wouldn't be able to get such information, for example high profile interviews.

This is of course no different with the recent Boston Marathon attack. The integrity of a reporter, or news agency, is to check the validity of the information that they present to the public. To vet that information, along with the sources they get it from. On the contrary it's become a race to see who can post the story first, knowing that they simply create a different version, and insist that one was true, and their original was false. The whole while expecting the public to continuously believe that anything they say if fact, and even have the power to change facts at will to suit their needs.

Today Boston Police shot and killed one of the alleged suspects of the bombing, an Indian man named Sunil Tripathi. This was a "fact" confirmed by Boston Police. Mr. Tripathi was an Indian who has gone missing around a month ago, and was allegedly depressed, his parents were looking for his despondently  One could assume that Mr. Tripathi s fit the description of someone to be used as a patsy, was abducted  killed, and claimed to be the bomber. Or that his body will never be found allowing there to be a massive manhunt that continues due to the bogey men of Dorner, and Bin-Laden are gone. (A separate article will be up shortly)

Mr. Tripathi was an Indian man, who was allegedly depressed, and had been missing for months, and allegedly had written a suicide note. If someone knew he was dead, or had him captive to later kill him, and claim a heroic cop captured him, then people may not question the narrative, due to the depressive secluded back-story  as well as his physical resemblance to a pair of brothers the Tsarnaev's.

Why is Mr. Tripathi's similarities in appearance to someone else have anything to do with the bombing? Because the man the Boston Police shot, and killed was the "suspect". The New York Times identified Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, as the deceased suspect. The second suspect happens to be Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev, Tamerlan's brother.

How can the mainstream dinosaur media, or the police be trusted with anything when they tell the public that they have "confirmed" information, only latter to say it was wrong but their new information is "confirmed"?

The media's lack of integrity doesn't stop there. They also like to edit their websites without making any notice of retractions, in violation of journalistic ethics. Below are screen shots showing two different articles, the two different stories, along with the accompanying  information about them.

This image was taken from an  AP webpage at 12:08 P.M. E.S.T. on 4/19/2012  The blacked out area's of the image are simply privacy.
Screenshot taken 4/19/13 by Xieon Politics from International Business Times India. At 1 P.M. E.S.T,, the same  day. Blacked out area's are privacy. 

Another piece of disgusting, shamefully being called, pieces of journalism. 

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