Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recent Facebook Reponse RE: False Flags

A friend of mine posted in reply to my Facebook post about the recent Boston bombings, and Boston Marathon. As I believe I had posted previously mentioned my father ran in the marathon, and finished around 5-10 minutes before the explosion went off. Luckily my entire family, who were in attendance are all safe.

For privacy I will block out the names, and links of the conversation, however the conversation will not be edited otherwise.

My dad just finished the Boston Marathon 5 minutes before an explosion took place at the finish line. At this point it is looking like a terrorist attack in most likely a false flag terrorist attack
  • False flag bro. That's right u and trump and Carl Rove can keep reading each others posts then call them facts cause the other person said it, even though the person saying it was making it up as a REPUBLICAN to make themselves feel better
    48 minutes ago
  • Just like that bitchy on FOX ASKED Carl Rove even as FOX had already projected Obama as the winner if the math he was doing saying Romney could still win Ohio at this point was just math u do as a republican to make urself feel better
    Monday at 3:43pm
  •  Most likely a false flag terrorist attack! By who? Obama? To gain what? If anything it would be ur retarded Ass republican party trying to make him look bad then spin it so its his fault cause IT'S OBVIOUS SO SO SO SO obvious that repubs cant win an election with facts cause no facts are in their favor policy speaking so keep saying these things republicans so u can lose this special election and the next presidential elections as well, thank u
    Monday at 3:47pm
  • And Not to go there but when a terrorist attack happened like 9/11 president Bush wasn't jumped on instantly he had the whole nation behind him then let bin Laden get away then invaded Iraq which again had no WMDs so.... The list keeps going for miles but I am done now just had to be said
    Monday at 3:48pm  
     [John Doe], what you are talking about doesn't have a thing to do with what I said. You are taking other peoples arguments, and placing them on me, and then assuming since they are Republican, and assuming I am, we must agree.

    I formulate my own opinions.

    Nero, Emperor of Rome, stood by and watched Rome burn. Most people know that. However the reason he allowed Rome to burn was because the Roman senate refused to allow him to tear down 1/3 of the city in order to build his new structures. As a result of such fire, he was able to do so. Quid pro quo? Who benefits?

    Previous to Hitlers rise to power he had his forces burn down the Reichstag building, which would be equivalent of burning down the Hall of Congress. He then blamed the attack on his political opponents, and that helped him gain the support to become the leader of Germany not simply German chancellor.

    In the 1960's the US Joint Chiefs of Staff drafted a plan called Operation Northwoods where they were going to blow up a jet and blame it on Cuba in order to get National support for Cuba.

    In the 1980's The US, N.A.T.O. and European countries actually carried out terrorist attacks across Europe for different purposes, to blame different people. However, they were not real "terrorists". Recently the Italian government declassified this, which is known as "Operation Gladio" and interesting enough this involved attacking movie theaters, as well as sporting events.

    1994: The Oklahoma City bombing. This happened right around the time the Congress was about to pass heavy 10th Amendment legislation, which would limit the power of the Federal Government, and make states much stronger. Bill Clinton was the President at the time, and in a position to lose the Presidency (side note: something Obama is not), and was against the 10th Amendment movement. A Federal building, the JP Murrer building was blown up, ,and blamed on Extreme White Radicals many from Elohim (city of God) city, which was setup by the C.I.A.). After that 10th Amendment went on the back burner. Later after Bill won the election he was asked by a reporter, while flying together on Air Force 1, what he owes his victory to? Bill Clinton respond saying that he "owe[s] it all to [O.K.C].

    September 11th allowed us to go into Afghanistan, which is rich in lithium, and Iraq which is rich in oil. Regardless of the military industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned in his final speech as President needs wars to make new weapons, to sell. Additionally it's known that many rich families gained their wealth by financing both sides of a fighting war. By the way the underwear bomber allowed us to put to use the naked, back-scatter, body machines at airports which were ordered months previously by a man who has connections to that very company. The underwear bomber also gave way to the "enhanced pat down".

    [John Doe], you're Jewish right? So to do what you did to me in your argument, you must know about the Lavon Affair. That was an Israeli special forces operation where Israel was going to attack the US, British, and Egyptian targets, and the people who were going to carry it out were Egyptians. The goal was to blame the attack on the Muslim Brotherhood in order to get Britain to retake part of Egypt, which would help Israel greatly having a specific canal under "friendly" "allied" control. (The same ally they attacked).

    Those are all documented, declassified facts. Nothing from what Carl Rove said, who I don't agree with as a person despite being Republican. This shows that over the course of history there have been many incidents of "terrorism" that have led others to benefit.

    Now, as far as what is the benefit of this? If a gun was used I would say gun control. However, there has been a recent push back against the use of police drones, as well as US drones that have the capability to fly above New York, take a picture of half the entire city, and if you were to zoom in on a computer you could make out every detail 6inches of bigger. 2 planes means you can see all of New York all the time, potentially 24/7.

    There were reports of a suspicious man being denied entry shortly before the bombing, and then turning and disappearing into the crowd. If we had the ability to see every inch of the city at all times then all we would have to do is relying the video, and simply play it from when we see the man, and follow him everywhere he goes. He would be caught very easily.

    An additional thing could be the use of TSA agents on the street. There are already TSA agents at train stations, and some localized events. There have been talks of placing the same type naked body scanners in cities on streets. Basically a sandwich, and you can have everyone just walk in a line down the street and agents can see everything as they walk by. They already have devices both stationary, and mounted on trucks that can do this. You could even go so far that certain parts of cities will become locked down unless you get in through this enhanced security.

    I could go on for quite some which, however, there has without a doubt been false flags in the past. Its confirmed the top US military command wanted to kill US citizens on US soil for military profit, and public support. (Speaking of public support listen to all the people "I can't wait to kill this bastard" "ya lets get them" "Glass them". People are all very emotional, and will back things they normally wouldn't do otherwise. Think maybe people will vote to allow drones constantly watching everyone to prevent this from happening again??

    Republicans and Democrats are two sides of same coin. Just like Roses evil known by any other name is still evil.

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