Monday, April 15, 2013

Shamefull Fox 25 News Report

Fox 25 News in Boston recently ran a piece around 10:35 -> 10:42 P.M. E.S.T. in which they stated that citizens are being urged that even though they may be embarrassed that "if they see something, say something" - the governments citizen snitch brigade propaganda slogan.

Essentially this pieces indirectly blames the citizens for the horrific events at the Boston Marathon today, such as a man bearing witness to several horrific amputations (source: aforementioned news clip). Clearly if we as a society were better snitches against our fellow citizens then this even would have been prevented.

This is was a spineless decisions by the author to portray such an ideology, and equally shameful the actions of the programming direction. This blog posting serves also as an open letter to Fox 25 News - of which hard mail copies will be sent tomorrow - that they are requested to formally apologize for the way they characterized the citizens of the commonwealth as portraying them as to be at fault for today's horrific events.

If Fox News wishes to discuss this with me I'd be happy to have them e-mail me at
-Dave (Xieon Politcs)

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