Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking News: Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg, Switzerland

News is just breaking in the U.S. of the assault on EU Parliament member Mario Borghezio.
The story is being obfuscated in the U.S. media, it's the equivalent of a U.S. member of Congress being assaulted, and not reported upon, but the blackout cannot be continued.

Members of the Switz Parliament are currently both present, and on the way, to St. Moritz, the location of the meeting, and plan to vocally express their opposition to the meeting.

This news is even bigger than the Switz dissent, as it's involving Italian EU Parliament member Mario Borghezio.  Mr. Borghezio arrived at the Survetta Hotel, presented his diplomatic credentials, and was physically assaulted by private security, resulting in a bloody nose. In an interview with JulieNews Mr. Borgehzio stated he plans to press charges, thus guaranteeing that this issue will be forced to be seen.

Mario Borgehzio (image from )

Mr. Borgehzio is an outspoken, to say the least, politician, and the fact that he's getting involved should mean no less than fireworks. The fact that he's been personally injured is assuring that he's not going to drop this issue, and it's likely the Bilderberg group made a significant mistake in choosing which Parliament member to assault.

Many in the United States may not understand the significance of this, however, it's bombshell information. The fact that EU and Switz government officials are going to be present at protests is huge in its own right, however, the assault on members of government shows how the for show niceties are being thrown out, the tyranny is being made public, and the war is on.


  1. keep us appreasied about what happens

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