Monday, June 6, 2011

Got Direct TV? Better Get TORNADO Insurance, or You Might Owe Big!

Freak Tornado Ravages Springfield MA, Direct TV Tell Customers to Pay Up    
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©Michelle Gilbert
Last week when a freak tornado, actually 7! freak tornadoes, ravaged Western Mass, an area very rarely ever hit by tornadoes. There have only been two other deadly tornadoes in MA since 1953.
One tornado is rare enough, but 7 touching down withing a very small time frame, all with a relatively close proximity to each other is the proverbial tornado in a haystack, sort to speak.  Town such as Springfield were only given a 10 minute warning to evacuate, and unfortunately there has been a confirmed 4 deaths from the incident.

While most of us worry about the loss of life, the destruction of all of an individuals property, and how to help those affected, the TV provider Direct TV (tm) has a different concern. They are concerned that within that 10 minute window to escape a massive storm, residents didn't properly remove their satellite dishes, grab their direct tv box's, and other Direct TV equipment, before leaving. I certainly would leave my child behind to save a satellite dish, as I'm sure most rational people would.

It is not so much that they are concerned their equipment wasn't saved, it's the fact that they are now charging residents to pay for lost or damaged Direct TV property. So to help with a campaign I heard on the radio this morning, on the "Jim and Margery Show - Boston FM Talks 96.9", I've posted the following:

The President & CEO of Direct TV's contact information:

Corporate Offices Phone #
Presidents name: Micheal White
VP of Customer Service VP of Customer Service Ellen Filipiak at
Please call up these kind folks, and inform them that the least they should do is write off the charges, what else you tell them to do....well use your imagination.

Photo: Hanover Middle School student Michelle Gilbert

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