Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cell Phones Have Led to Sins, but Confessing Them?

It should come as no surprise that cell phones have caused a fair amount of sins. Before cell phones with camera's there was no "sexting", and heated arguments are likely to occur over a phone, instead of directly.

Luckily, the Church has kept up with the times. Users of the "iConfess" app can now confess their sins on their smart phones, instead of having to go to Confession at an actual church.

There are some 1984 type activity that I am wary of regarding this app, and it's usage, however, I will touch upon that in a later segment.

I previously had intended to write an article on this subject, however, it fell by the wayside. Upon cleaning up some images I re-discovered the images related to this topic, and decided I would write a "fragment". I will be tagging articles with "fragment" if they are just small little blips, or articles/information that I wished to publish immediately, and have plans on working with them in the future.

Images are a picture taken of the "Boston Globe" newspaper, a Massachusetts based news paper. All rights pertaining to the article pictured are reserved by their legal owners, and the article is the world of the author. These images of the newspaper are being used in a legal fashion, for fair use for the purpose of reporting, and critique.

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