Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google Bomb: "Builderberg Protest" & "Protest Builderberg"

The annual Bilderberg conference is coming up this Saturday in Switzerland.

The "google bomb" for today will be "Bilderberg protest", and because "Bilderberg" often gets top results anyway, the reverse is also going to be used as today's google bomb, "protest Bilderberg".

For those who don't know how a Google bomb works, it involves flooding the Google search engine with the selected terms, over and over, so that it appears as the number one search term, and shows up as trending. This then causes other people to see it, who normally would not have, with those people checking out the top searches/trends it then only further increases the statistics, and the cycle continues.

Of course, this shouldn't be limited to Google only, anything people do towards the right direction helps. Be it a video on youtube, a blog, searching Google, word of mouth, supporting others. Do something.

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