Thursday, September 17, 2009

The ACLU is Destroying America

It is no shock that when one considers the far-left, the American Civil Liberties Union is a closely associated partner of their radical agenda.

Since the ACLU's formation in 1961 the organization has had fundamental problems with Americas founding principles, and have had a chilling effect on America's freedom, domestic and international security, our founding principles, and capitalism.

During the recent years the effects of the ACLU's far-left progressive agenda have been felt possibly more and in larger scale than during any other time since the organizations founding over 40 years ago. They have launches campaigns against the fundamental principles and practices of America, and have led some to believe that they are fundamentally at odds with America, and some go so far as to claim they even hate the United States, and wish to apologize for the nations successes, reduce our sovereignty and advance a socialist agenda.

One such campaign launched by the ACLU years ago, however, is becoming more prevalent with the policies of the Obama administration, is the fight for rights and amnesty for illegal immigrants. While it is true that America is a country founded on the backs of immigrants, they came to this country legally, worked hard, and payed taxes to support this great nation. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, decrease our domestic security, and take jobs away from Americans looking for work. The Obama administration, combined with big labor, and the far-left, highlight that there may be more sinister reasons for wanting illegall immigrants to enter the country, although, regardless the reason, the ACLU's continuous fight for illegal immigrants is taking away from those American's that are following the laws and paying taxes.  It is a long established tactic of the left to be apologists, and feel that since some work hard, and acquire wealth, that they are indebted to those who do not wish to follow the legal channels of immigration, and in true robin-hood style, wish to transfer the wealth from everyday hard working American's to throngs of immigrants illegally crossing into the United States, not paying taxes, and sending American dollars to relatives overseas with no benifit to the country they are robbing, with the assist of the ACLU.

The ACLU has long been apologetic to the world for the American policies that allow Americans to go to work and school without constantly looking over their shoulders for fear of attack, as is the case in some countries. The ACLU has parlayed its focus from American's to all people, including terrorists captured on the battlefields. Right off the bat the ACLU has a fundamental flaw with war tactics, and believes the war on terror should be fought using police style rule of law, and terrorists should be arrested, read their rights, and given a trial in the American criminal justice system. This approach is a determent to the war on terror, and the fight against Islamic extremists wishing to destroy, in a different fashion from the ACLU, the United States. A police style war against Islamic extremists gives the enemy an advance to begin with due to the fact they are not playing by the same rules. A Miranda warning wasn't given to the nearly 3000 victims of the 9/11 attacks, however, those who planned and coordinated such attacks should be entitles to the same rights, and allowed to lawyer up, and never speak a word of more potential deadly attacks.

The Bush administration clearly didn't hold the same views that the far-left Obama administration, and their racial left associates hold. Bush was a champion for national security, whereas Obama wants to close down Gitmo, with no clear argument as to why, or how it will help increase security.  The Bush administration didn't attempt to police the war on terror, and used advanced techniques, some would call torture, to gather and extract information from captured terror suspects. Now regardless of if this was moral is an irrelevant argument, the operatives that were preforming such techniques, such as water boarding, were acting in good-faith and under the guise that their actions were legal.  Such legal advice was handed down by Bush administration and C.I.A. lawyers, based upon their interpretation of the law.  News of these practices outraged the American Safety Diminishment League, or ACLU, and they launched a series of lawsuits to protect the rights of terrorists, who were responsible for murdering thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and called for those who participated in advanced interrogation techniques to be crucified. This has an extreme chilling effect on those who swear to protect our great country, great in the eyes of all those except the left, and threaten our national security.  The ACLU puts the rights of mass murders above those of the men and women fighting to protect our country from another mass murder, on American soil and abroad.

The latest attack against America from the ACLU, and the story that led to me writing this post, is another athesist based attack led by a far-left group that despises all religious symbols.  A cross serves as a memorial for falled heroes of wars in the Mohave Desert, and due to ACLU lawsuits is currently boarded up, pending the outcome of the lawsuit.  Although the cross is a typically Catholic religious symbol, in this instance it is merely a symbol of all those who have perished securing our borders. Soldiers of all religions and beliefs hold no problem with this symbol, and believe that it honors and respects those who have died with great honor, a characteristic that the ACLU has consistently demonstrated over the years that it greatly lacks.

The ACLU and it's far-left radical agenda needs to be stopped before they completely destroy our nations pride, security, and sovereignty. Although some causes may be noble in nature, and the original intentions may have been good in nature, the ACLU has turned into a true anti-American organization, that wishes to put the rights of those who murder thousands, above the rights of Americans, in order to fulfill the white American guilt that it's members hold, and attempt to apologize for the principles this nation was founded on, since they don't match the ACLU's socialistic agenda.

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