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Community Organize against ACORN

Community Organize against ACORN

Updates -
9/16/2009 - Updated with letter to Massachusetts Senate re ACORN investigation
9/18/2009 - Updated with e-mail correspondence with Massachusetts ACORN

It was only about a year ago when most of us didn’t know what a community organizer did. With the ushering in of our Liberal in-chief messiah Barrack Obama came the newest far-left term, the Community Organization/Organizer.

When Barrack Obama was preaching to the masses about hope, change, and transparency it was also the time when far-left radical liberals were seen by some as helping the poor and needy, and getting those who wouldn’t normally vote to get out and vote.

However, since Barracks inauguration, the only hope has been for those political allies of Barrack Obama, the Democrats, and the far left, who line their pockets with the same ill-gotten coordinated corruption money, and are all in the same far reaching web of corruption, lies, and greed. The change that Barrack Obama preached is coming with the change of our Democratic-Republic capitalistic society into a socialistic robin-hood style government full of corruption, greed, and those who want more entitlements from the great wealth-redistributor, Barrack Obama.

In order to fight this oppression and middle of the night takeover of our once great government we must employ the same tactics that the far-left is using, namely those written about by Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals”

We must start at the bottom, and instead of merely only attacking the fundamental problems with ACORN on a national level, start with the local chapters of ACORN, and utilize city and state governments to assist, and clarify the links and funding to ACORN. Today a letter will be written to the Massachusetts Senate asking them to investigate the Boston ACORN office, and disclose any state funding that ACORN receives in a way easily accessible to the public.

We must utilize rules #8 and #12 from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" 

RULE 8: "Keep the pressure on. Never let up."

Although recently there have been videos of ACORN offices in several cities released, those are but a small portion of this organizations total size. Not only are there many ACORN branches, there are hundreds of similar ACORN organizations that are used to shuffle money around, so that where the money comes from and goes is almost impossible to follow. We must continue to ask questions, and continue to be concerned, we must continue to attempt to expose what is really going on, and exhibit our disgust for this organization, and its subsidiaries.

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

One of the lefts key plays is to attack institutions at a small level. It is much easier to get a small branch of a company closed down, than the entire company, or to get certain individuals to cave-in and break after a slew of attacks than an entire organization. This tactic must be employed when combating the corruption of ACORN. Start small with your local city or state branch of ACORN, or its similar organizations that are entangled in its massive web of corruption. Ask questions, stay focused. Find a weakness and exploit it. The corruption of ACORN is highly unlikely only at the offices that have been exposed so far by

Write to your local city council, or state government. Ask for information on ACORN’s funding is released to the public. Go to your nearest ACORN office and ask questions, keep the pressure on.

Continue to spread the word about this criminal enterprise, and let your politicians know you do not support ACORN and want investigations into their practices.

Look at the power wielded by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. These two have done what ABC, NBC, and CNN couldn’t. They exposed a criminal organization and brought ties between ACORN, several politicians, tax-evasion, prostitution, illegal immigrants, and most recently murder. This has caused ACORN to fire several employees, and threaten lawsuits because they are immensely scared of being exposed. So far the Senate and Census have stripped ACORNS funding and severed ties with the 2010 Census, respectively.


Start your own community organization, gather others in your community who share the same beliefs that ACORN is a criminal organization, and has no place spreading its roots of corruption in your city/state.  Gather others and spray down heavy weed killer, before this already harmful ACORN grows into a tree of corruption that completly ruins this country.

Write to your local city government/state government - stop ACORN's growth.

9/16/2009 - A letter was written to the Upper House of the Massachusetts General Court requesting an investigation into the 3 Massachusetts branches of ACORN

Letter to Massachusetts Senate regarding ACORN -

Write your local city/state representatives today and request that they launch investigations into ACORN, disclose funding, and prosecute for impropriety.

Update - 9/18/2009
Today I emailed the Massachusetts branch of ACORN requesting a comment on the ACORN scandal in the media - ACORN refered to the video's as "vicious attacks" against ACORN, and later in the e-mail correspondance went on to say " a day without ACORN is like turning your back on your community"

Response from Massachusetts ACORN -

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