Sunday, September 27, 2009

Government Electric Health Care Chart

The newest government entity, Government (I mean General) Electric, makes no secret of its bed-room style relationship with those on the left, and the Obama administration. Several members of G.E. receive government, tax-payer funded, jobs, along with tax-payer funds, and uses its media wing (MSNBC) to promote it's far left agenda.

General Electric again has decided to put it's foot where it doesn't belong, and not where you're thinking, although it is constantly up there as well.

On the main page of General Electrics website, where one may expect to find new technological innovations, there is instead a large link to a "Good Bill of Health" which is clearly a play on words promoting the new bills being proposed on health-care reform.

Here is the image posted on the link -

  This is a typical left-wing America bashing image that bashes the U.S for spending too much of G.D.P on health-care, having a higher infant mortality rate than Cuba, and having a low life expectancy.
There are a few things that this chart doesn't explain, so lets look at the actual statistics the chart used -

World Health Organization Statistics - any statistics derived from this organization are clearly flawed. To begin with any organization that has "world" in it, can't favor democratic capitalistic countries too favorably.  One flaw is that for countries lacking solid statistics, say Cuba, the statistics are derrived by
Estimates of mortality are derived from death registration data reported annually to WHO. For countries where such data are not available or are of poor quality, survey and census sources are analysed and used to create life tables for each country. -
Another problem is that the World Health Organization only counts a infants that are considered life-birth. Different countries use different variables to consider a "live birth" such as a babies weight, fetus' past certain number of weeks that could have been sustained, or babies that are fully born and breathing. This negatively affects the United States infant mortality rate. Cuba is listed on the chart has having better health-care in relation to infant fatalities compared to the United States, the problem is the statistics don't mention that Cuban women have an abortion at any sign of a problem, and those fetus' are not counted in the statistics, where since America has a better health care system, mothers have increased options of attempting to solve the problems, and continue the pregnancy. If the statistics are based upon number of abortions vs number of parents who continue the chance to have a child and are spared the heart-break, then I am happy America falls behind Cuba.

Another huge problem with the statistics - some are derrived from
Healthcare, Guaranteed by Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Seriously, I'm not kidding. Dr. brother to Rahm Emanuel, the Presidents Chief of Staff, gave statistics to the makers of this chart. The Emanuel's, along with President Obama are consistently trying to gain public support for the "public option" and a government takeover of health-care, how trust worthy can any statistics given by the Emanuel's be? It's like the fox guarding the hen house, it doesn't make sense.

Another group to look at -

Physicians for a National Health Program
Quoting statistics from a socialist agenda group in an effort to put forth a socialist entitlement? Again, the fox guarding the hen house. Government Electric uses several groups that skew statistics in favor of their own agenda, because they have a likewise ideology, and the same goals.

The statistics used are either severely flawed at best, or should not be counted because they are in no way independent of the issues.

Government Electric and Obama - lying their way into your pocket - one ecomagination at a time.

World Health Organization Report

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