Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rachel Maddow, the fringe media, and the real ACORN

Fringe media's Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, has a segment detailing the true nature of ACORN, and goes on the defensive against the implied "vast right-wing conspiracy".

The video seen here -

is a clearly unbiased look at ACORN, even though the "vast left-wing conspiracy" consisting of labor unions, ACORN, President Obama, Government Electric and it's media wing MSNBC & NBC, are in no way connected.

Maddow goes on to claim that the outrage against ACORN is in part funded by

paranoid Republican congressman Steve King of Iowa

for daring to draw a connection between President Obama, who stated ACORN would have a seat at the table in his administration, and ACORN, shocking?

Maddow implies that there is a right-wing conspiracy against ACORN

thanks to the right-wing crusade against it
and later states that

ACORN has been caricatured...as a corrupt political enterprise that steals elections and turns a blind eye to prostitution...that is the story line the mainstream media has latched onto.
 Unless Maddow considers Fox News and talk radio the mainstream media, which they are quickly becoming, she is clearly living in the fringe media bubble, since it took an inappropriate amount of time for the fringe media such as the NYT and ABC,NBC,MSNBC, and CNN to even glance at the ACORN story, and when they did cover the story it was downplayed, buried, and biasly skewed.

Maddow cannot understand why an organization that

is advocating for higher minimum wage...[filing] taxes...finding jobs....[and] registering people to vote
is being

defunded and demonize[d]

Maddow continues to imply that there is some conspiracy against ACORN by referring Richard Berman, a lobbyist that has created websites such as RottenAcorn.com. Maddow goes on to say that it's almost impossible to discover who is funding Berman, and believes that it is coporate funded phony grassroots organizations.

Maddow and the fringe media relents to report the facts that coporate and union funded protesters are bused to events for healthcare reform, and teaparties, with professional printed signs, union buses, and boxed lunches. However Maddow wants to focus only on Berman.

Maddow then reveals the astonishing number of over a dozen front organizations she claims Berman has. This is shocking to the fringe media and is a huge cause for concern. Perhaps a better story would be the 140 front organizations of ACORN, many tax-payer funded, which funnel and shuffle money around, and a large majority have the same address in New Orleans, an old funeral home, that clearly cannot accommodate a hundred organizations, their equipment, and their staff. She also refuses to show that ACORN too is non-profit organization, and has consistantly refused to show it's books.

Maddow is clearly a master of irony.

The rest of the video contains similar bouts of irony and media bias, although, watching the entire 11 minutes should be classified as torture, and the ACLU should investigate their own lunatic fringe base.

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