Sunday, September 27, 2009

America - Stand Strong - Stand Up

There is no shortage of outrage over the left-leaning messiah-in-chief Barrack Obama, and his Constitution destroying cronies. There are constant tweets and blogs explaining the flaws in health care and the disapproval with the policies, however, they are sometimes just that.

I have had many tweets of mine retweeted, and retweed again by other people, and so on in a constant circle of tweets, however, they are usually amongst those who share the same ideas. Although the amount of people following me on twitter is constantly growing, it's usually amongst my own ideological base.

There is no question that we must stand together, and stand strong. That those of us who believe whole heartidly in the United States Constitution, a small governement, and the principles that this great country was founded on need to stand together, to organize amongst ourselfs, and to have our voices heard, but preaching to the quoir is just that.

We need to not only stand strong, but to stand up.

Tweeting is a great way to spread the news, but lets start creating news of our own before sharing it. Write a letter, make a phone call, look into running for office, contact the local news agencies, or organize a protest. Then it is those acts that should be shared amongst our base on twitter and through blogs, share the letter you wrote so others may follow suit, let others know your plans for office, or when an event will be held.

There is no shortage of issues to object, pick one, or all, but it is time we make our voice heard even louder, even clearer, and by others than just our own piers. It is time to get those in Washington, and those who have yet to join the movement apprised of our actions.

Do not give up America, do not falter. This country was founded upon great men who took action to establish the worlds greatest nation.

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