Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog named Xieon's Politics. This blog will primarily offer insight into the current state of political affairs in the United States.

Below I have listed the disclaimer for this blog, along with significant links, and contact information.

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Blog Disclaimer

The information on this blog is of my own opinion. I do not claim to support the views or vice-versa of any third party links or parties found on this blog.

  1. Plagarism and Copyright information
  2. Use of content/linking
  3.  Accuracy of information
  4. Third party media
  6. Contact information
1)Plagiarism and Copyright information
  • This blog may use quotes and multimedia from other sources. If there is any information that is improperly quoted, or if you are the owner of material that you wish to be removed please contact me for clarification/resolution. I make every effort to properly cite sources used, and will happily correct any errors.
2)  Use of Content/Linking

  • If you wish to link to or use materials found on this blog it is both encouraged and appreciated, however, please do not take credit for any material that isn't your own. If you use my material please give proper credit to myself, likewise if you use anyone's material.
  • If you do link to/use my material I would love to see how and where it was used, please comment or contact me (information found below), I would love to personally check it out.
3) Accuracy of Information
  • I make every effort to check the accuracy of the information presented on this blog. If there is any information found on this blog that is felt to be inaccurate please contact me and I will make every attempt to reconcile any problems with accuracy.
4) Third-party media
  • This blog posts multimedia and links from and to third parties. I am not responsible for any material found on third party websites, nor do I specifically endorse any views of third parties found on this blog.
5) Comments
  • This blog allows users to post their comments and thoughts. Simply because I allow a comment to be posted and displayed on the blog doesn't mean I agree or endorse the belifes expressed in the comment.
  • I reserve the right to remove or block comments from being posted if they are deemed inappropriate by myself for any reason. Although I welcome the freedom of speech, comments that insight violence, are illegal, are spam or trolling comments, or are in any other way deemed inappropriate will be removed.
  • When posting a comment please make every effort to credit the sources used for information and multimedia used in your comment, and please do not take credit for material that wasn't created by you.
6) Contact Information
  • If you wish to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to do so via email at harkins.dave@gmail.com I welcome all feedback, and if there are any problems related to the material posted on this blog I will make every effort to resolve the issues in a speedy and professional matter.
  • If you have a twitter account you can tweet me @Xieon

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