Monday, September 28, 2009

Hollywood speaks out for Health Care

In another idiotic posting by hollywood actors, a public service announcement was released showcasing several actors speaking sarcastically about health-care.

Here is the video -

Such great quotes from the video -

"What's so American about competition" - I guess they don't know that competition allowed them to be one out of a huge number of people wanting to achieve stardom. It's too bad we don't have a public option for entertainment, where any hack can be on T.V. and we don't reward skill and merit, but rather share the wealth so everyone can get their 10 seconds of fame. I wonder how they'd think about that?

"500 Million" - Will Farrel protests against insurance company CEO's for making 500 million dollars. Damn evil capitalism, money is evil, and Will Farrel would never give into such greed as the evil insurance company CEO's - dispite his $31 million net worth. Personally I think that is too much money for an un-funny socailist nut-job to be making, Will I'll be waiting for the check in the mail from you, since after all you want to redistribute wealth, how about redistributing some of yours.

80% of American's support a public option? Where in the world is that statistic coming from, perhaps from the same place their heads are located....

There are too many other idiotic statements from these far-left actors to even discuss. Their arguments are based not upon merit, and they use cheasy clearly unfunny commedy and a clechee black and white format to get their rediculus message across.

I would write a better article, but my head hurts from how some people can actually think like this. They should make their argument when they stop being hypocrites, although then they would lose their liberal club membership, hypocrisy is a requirement.

These are the people who share the same ideas as Obama, and the direction our country is headed.

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