Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Liberals are like Little Kids

Many often say that liberals learn their tactics from Saul Alinsky and "Rules for Radicals", I feel that is giving liberals too much credit, they take their tactics from little children.

1)They always must get their way
Children always need to get their way, as do liberals. If a child doesn't get his or her way, they often throw a temper-tantrum. They whine and cry until their parents are so annoyed that they give in, if only to silence the crying.

The same is true for liberals. When a liberal doesn't get their way, they too, whine and cry, until the American people give in and they get their way.  Obama today went on 5 Sunday news shows, crying about how he just has to have health care reform, he just has too. He's no different than a little child, who doesn't see the reason in anything, and has their mind fixated on one thing, and one thing only, and will whine and cry like a little....child...until they get their way.

2)The world revolves around them

Children are unable to comprehend that there are others in the world, that when they go and shut themselves in their room the entire world stops spinning. They don’t understand that other people have different opinions from their own, and that there are problems and concerns in other people’s lives separate and different from their own.
The same is true for the liberals in America. They simply can’t understand that anyone has any opposition to their ideas.  They are so locked into this idea, that anyone who claims to have a different idea must be lying, and their true intentions are based upon being a racist, since of course liberals are always correct. Regardless of if it is Axelrod calling the people who attended the 9/12 march on Washington wrong, or Nancy Pelosi saying that the tea party goers are AstroTurf, and not real American’s, liberals fundamentally cannot accept that there is ever any opposition to them.

3)Someone else always needs to pay for them

Anyone who raises a child knows that they can be expensive.  A recent report says that the cost to raise a child from age 0-18 is almost $250,000.  The same goes for liberals; they are expensive to have in power.  One major difference however is the price tag. Parents only need to shell out close to a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child, taxpayers on the other hand must shell out trillions, a number that was almost imaginary until the liberals gained power.

Just like little children who don’t have a job, and don’t understand the value of the dollar, liberals too believe that money just grows on trees, and that they can print more or simply have the tax-payers give them as much money as they want.

Try explaining  to a little kid how the economy is tough, and that there just isn’t enough money to buy them that new expensive toy they’ve been eying, you’d most likely have better luck than explaining that to the liberals and Obama administration regarding their shiny new toys of health care reform, cap and tax, and the likes.

4)They often lie

Ask a child “Who spilt the milk” or “who broke the lamp” and the answers are likely “not me”, “someone else” or “Billy” their imaginary friend dinosaur. It’s no secret that children like to lie, they don’t want to be blamed for something and get in trouble, so they lie to avoid such ends. Liberals are no different. When asked how a trillion dollar health care overhaul will be paid for, there is no clear answer. When asked if there are death panels in a bill, they say no, and then remove the death panels from the bill. Rep. Joe Wilson pointed out to the President during his joint session of Congress speech, while referring to illegal immigrants getting healthcare, “You Lie”.

Sometimes when a child is caught red-handed, they confess, and end of story. With liberals, however, they simply continue to lie, despite all evidence to the contrary, for they believe that if they keep saying something long enough, it will make it true

5)Many people realize they can't be handled, after it is too late

Constant is the story of teenagers getting pregnant or couples having children before they think out all of the consequences, and how they plan to raise a child. Many simply don’t realize that the party stops, that their lives now revolve around someone else’s, and that almost every minute of their day is taken up caring for, picking up after, and fixing the problems that result of having a child.  Some simply don’t realize that its going to be a huge financial hardship to raise a child with the economy the way it is, and the limited amount of money one is making.

The same holds true for liberals.  Many simply didn’t think when they cast their vote in the ’08 elections, and didn’t think of the consequences of electing an inexperienced left wing radical liberal to the Oval Office. Now, just as with a child, the American tax payers life revolves around paying for the liberals far-left agenda, and cleaning up after the mess that they are creating. Some just didn’t think about how they would pay for electing so many liberals, as with children, and will soon realize they simply just don’t have the money to do so.

Just like there are consequences to having a child…..there are consequences to elections.

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