Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama pushes for Olympics - U.S. projected to "massacre" competition

In true Chicago political fashion, Obama continues to scratch the back of his crony buddies, including Chicago mayor Richard Daley.

Obama and his allies will use this as a chance to funnel federal funds to their political allies, and undoubtedly large Chicago unions, under the cover of Olympic development. This will be nothing but a way for Obama to fund his far-left allies, and rally support for the Democratic party by buying votes and support.

Obama's top political adviser, who refers to Obama as family although isn't close enough to relate Obama to Bill Ayers whom he just doesn't know, really, he promises, Vallery Jarret is quoted as saying -
In addition, should Chicago have the honor of being selected 2016 Host City, the White House will utilize this new office to ensure the seamless integration of the federal government and its resources to support Chicago's planning and operations.
The planning and operations will be from companies and firms that are pro-left democratic, and most likely Chicago's top allies for universal health care.

It is clear the Obama and the left will do anything to promote the Chicago Olympics, even such shocking moves as going back on their original statements, such as Obama's statement to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge -

"he current political situation in Washington did not allow him to participate in the bid in Copenhagen,"
However, in the first time since taking office, President Obama has waffled on an issue and has decided he will personally lobby to allow more corruption to flow through Chicago's blood-soaked, body riddled, super-pro-left corrupt monolith of a city.

In another effort to promote their agenda, the left-wing Huffington Post has again decided to ignore an issue, and offer skewed statistics in their 3 paragraph coverage of a much larger issue -

About 64 percent of respondents wanted the Games and 28 percent didn't. Of all those surveyed, 75 percent said they opposed the use of tax money.
In the real world that isn't filled with liberal rainbows and lollypops the true numbers as reported by Chicago Tribune reflect that -

only 47% of Chicagoans were in favor of the city’s bid for the Olympics.  A huge 84% said they do not approve of using public money (i.e.- tax payer dollars) to fund the 2016 Summer Games in their city.  Chicago residents do not want to be on the hook for cost overruns or other infrastructure costs which may fall back on them.
This is a huge problem for the Obama administration which is dying to repay its coordinated corruption allies. In a typical mainstream media move, the left has attempted to silence the critics. The local fox news station ran a story about the growing disapproval, and near impossible logistics of such an opperation in a report, however,  sources tell the Druge Report that -

A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again
 This is typical far-left Obama administration fashion, and highlights just how far the vast left wing conspiracy will go to pad the pockets of their large supporters, such as large unions, and to avoid listening to American's, refuse to believe anyone can disagree with them, and trudge forward with only their own ideology, regardless of anything going on outside their own mindset.

On the plus side, since Chicago has had over 500 murders in 2008, if we could just get the youth and gangbangers to stop killing themselves, and start shooting members of foreign Olympic teams, the U.S. will win a gold in every event, and we can rename the Olympics the Obamics, after the man who allowed the "United States Massacre of Olympic Competition" to occur.

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