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Illegal Immigrants & Un-American's

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Everyday the percentage of legal tax paying citizens is diminishing as the illegal immigrant population and problems simultaneously rises.

I personally have witnessed the influx of illegal immigrants in my city and the neighboring areas. The problem has been especially visible at a local Home Depot, in Salem, Massachusetts.  A large group of immigrants stands outside everyday, not only being an eye-sore, but a daily insult to the America I love so much.

Everyday the scenario remains the same; a group of non-English speaking (link for English as National Language) illegal immigrants sit out of Home Depot, hoping to get tax-free, undocumented, under the table pay for some service.  After a while a car pulls up, rolls down their window, a group of illegals scurry over, in an effort to beat their fellow law breakers to the car, similar to a group of starved dogs fighting for a meal.


They could of course apply for a job at Home Depot, or the neighboring Shaws, Target, Market Basket, CVS, Halloween Store, gym, or Laundromat, albeit the small detail of by simply being present on United States soil they are breaking the law.

After the rat-race to the car window, those who have attracted the attention of the driver, the illegals speak in broken, extremely poor English and attempt to solicit their services.  They each hope that they will be the days chosen ones, chosen by the days modern slave master, and do whatever tasks is asked of them, for the pay their master chooses. They hold no negation power or rights of being protected from the job, or even a guarantee of pay, since again; they have NO right to be in this country.  Those who are chosen get into the car and are off to the law breaking illegal immigrant promise land, a land where they destroy America and take jobs away from hard working, law abiding, tax paying, honest Americans.


There are thousands of hard working American citizens, struggling in the tough economy to earn a living by performing their skills, such as painting or construction, at a wage set by the government and states.  Those jobs are taken away from such American citizens, working hard to achieve the American dream, by the equivalent of modern day slaves, the illegal immigrants, who perform the same taxes for a lower wage and their “employers” not only love the cheap labor, by don’t have to worry about pesky problems that come with legal workers, such as fair compensation, workers compensation, fair allotted breaks, and the guarantee of correct pay.  The illegal immigrants are happy to take American jobs and pay no taxes to the country that is benefiting them so much, at the expense of those here legally, each day they get away with breaking the law, and being in a country where they don’t belong.

Sure, many on the left will claim that the immigrants only take the jobs that American’s don’t want, and are quick to continue their apologetic approach towards American principles, and feel that those who have wealth should give it to those who break the law, and expect others to pay their way in life.  Ask an American out of work, or struggling to put food on the table while paying taxes to support our great nation if there is a job they don’t want. I’d like to find one who would rather have an illegal immigrant take the job, instead of them.

Today I took several videos of the immigrants stand outside home depot, and of two cars that solicited illegal work services, and picked them up.  These people are a disgrace to America, and pictures of their license plates along with the video that alleges their crimes are posted below.

While taking the video the immigrants were quick to yell curses in Spanish, I would’ve responded but they make no effort to learn the language of the country that they are illegally present in. They have no respect for America, only of absolute greed, and didn’t take the proper channels to gain access to the United States.  Every time I see them I wonder where law enforcement is, if I had a badge I would personally arrest every person I could find in the United States illegally and make sure they are deported.  They are here illegally, and are ruining America.  They need to be removed from this country, before the cancer that they are spreads so huge, that there is no such thing as honest Americans, and those who have wealth now are forced to abide by the leftist apologetic approach, and satisfy their guilt for being Americans by supporting those who should NOT be in this country at all. I was quick to tell them I was sending the video to the police, and several of them scattered like roaches in the light, the only difference is roaches have more respect for American’s.

I urge all that read this to STAND UP, don’t let your country be taken over by non-English speaking, cancer of American values and honest American dreams, illegal immigrants.

If you see similar things to what I see on a daily basis, take note, take a picture, and take a video.  Share it with your friends and neighbors, and contact the stores and law enforcement and let them know they are NOT welcome in YOUR country.

Americans – RISE UP and STAND STRONG – take your country back. Say NO to AMNESTY – NOT NOW, NOT EVER.  Voice your concern that illegal immigrants need to be swiftly deported, before they are given the comfort of ruining America for one more day. We need stronger borders, and tougher laws. This is the United States of America, and those who do not have American permission to be here, are NOT WELCOME. Request the laws be changed, and if you are born in the United States to illegal immigrants, you are NOT GRANTED citizenship – we must stop the anchor babies.

I will update this blog with the letters I am writing to the store and local law enforcement, and any responses I get – I will be quiet no more – this is my country, my America, and I will do everything I can to eradicate this cancer as quickly as possible.

Un-American Watch
License plate numbers of those who solicited and picted up illegal immigrants for under the table work -
Massachusetts License Plate #'s - 19DE36 & 926Y65

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The video's on this page were created by myself.

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