Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is the U.S. headed towards Hondourian Fate?

An issue talked about briefly in the media, not enough as it should be, is the situation in Honduras regarding their former, now ousted, president Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya attempted to call for a referendum to attempt to change the Honduras Constitution, remove term limits, and attempt to follow the dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.  The Honduras Supreme Court intervened and warned Zelaya that what he was attempting to do was illegal and in violation of the Constitution. Zelaya ignored the high court and in June attempted to continue with his plans.

Zelays defiance to the Supreme Court led to the court ordering the Honduras military to arrest Zelaya, at his home, and fly him out of the country. This has led to outrage from several nations, including the United States, or atleast United States politicans. The outsting of Zelaya is called a coup, and top Washington liberals such as President Obama and Secretary Clinton are urging for the reinstatement of President Zelaya, and refuse to recognize Roberto Micheletti, the interm president, as the legitamate president of Honduras.

The Honduras Constitution, is clear about the laws of Honduras. The first issue in question was if Zelaya was attempting to break the law by attempting to call a referendum to change the countries constitution.

Article 236.- The President and Vice President of the Republic shall be elected together and directly by the people by simple majority of votes. The election will be declared by the National Elections Tribunal and, in his absence, the National Congress or by the Supreme Court of Justice, in his case.
* Amended by Decree 299/1998.
* Amended by Decree 374/2002 and ratified by Decree No. 153/2003.
Article 237.- The presidential term of four years and begin the 27 January following the date on which was carried out the election.
Article 238.- For President or Vice President of the Republic, requires:
1. Be honduran by birth;
2. Be over thirty (30) years;
3. Being in the enjoyment of their rights of citizens; and
4. Be the secular state.
* Amended by Decree 299/1998.
* Amended by Decree 374/2002 and ratified by Decree No. 153/2003.
Article 239.- The citizen who has played the title of Executive Power may not be President or Vice President of the Republic.
The who broke this provision or propose its reform, as well as those who support directly or indirectly, cease immediately in the performance of their respective positions and will be disqualified by ten (10) years for the exercise of public office.
* Amended by Decree 299/1998.
* Amended by Decree 374/2002 and ratified by Decree No. 153/2003.

This clearly states what the former president was doing was illegal, and made him no longer eligible to serve as the president, and thus should be removed. There is no question as to the interpretation, it is clearly spelt out in black and white. The former president, but attempting to make a change can no longer be the president, and is barred from any other elected position for the next 10 years.

Obama is quoted as saying -

"It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections,"

This illustrates that Obama is both weak and inexperienced with foreign policy. Obama and his liberal cronies have yet to awoke from their self induced stupor and realized that we don't live in a world of politically correct dancing lollipops, and everyone just gets along, and loves each other.

This shows something much scarier than simply wanting no coups in the world. This illustrates that Obama would prefer elections, under any circumstances, rather than following the established rule of law.  With Obama increasingly becoming buddy-buddy with dictators such as Castro, and Chavez. Obamas true colors are being exposed, and if he doesn't support the rule of law being used to overthrow criminals, what can be expected for the rule of law in the United States?

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