Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Media Bias Continues

Over the past several days several undercover videos of ACORN have been exposed, taped by a team posing as a pimp an prostitute. These videos have been taken in several cities, and as a result of their release several ACORN employees have been fired, the U.S. Census has allegedly severed it's ties with ACORN for the 2010 Census, and the Senate voted to strip ACORN of federal funding and grants.

Today a video was released that implicates politicians by name, and even implicated an ACORN member in a murder.

This story should be a new organizations equivalent of Christmas. This has everything a story could possibly have, politicians, tax-evasion, prostitution, undercover video, murder, political connections, even the POTUS is linked to this story, since he did legal work for ACORN and wanted to organizations help during his term in office, and his campaign gave over $800,000 to ACORN for the get out and vote campaign.

Yesterday I took a screen shot of CNN's politics page, which showws that there was no mentiton of ACORN or any of the related ACORN stories anywhere on the page.Perhaps CNN simply missed the major news story, however, after today when several politicans were implicated, a new city, this time on the west coast, and an ACORN employee admitted to killing her husband were all revealed in a new video, one would think that the mainstream media would decide to pick up on the story. Wrong.

Here is an image showing NBC,CNN,and MSNBC websites respectively, and none of them mention any ACORN stories

This is a complete disgrace. Unless someone is watching Fox News they will not get any information on this huge story.

It's time the mainstream media stops playing favorites, and follows the journalism ethics. It is clear that some organizations are in bed with ACORN, Obama, and the far left. Thankfully this is leading to the collapse of their ratings, and the ever increasing Fox News ratings.

One can only hope that the mainstream media will lose it's bias and begin to report all the important stories, regardless of it implements ACORN, their far left base, or the messiah that is to them Barrack Obama, however, that would mean one is setting them self up for nothing but disappointment.

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  1. How are they going to ignore the fact that the scary ACORN harridan in San Bernadino boasted to them that she shot and killed her husband?



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